German Nationalism

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    Yeah, well, you stupid krauts abused that privilege and you lost it. Cry some fucking more and maybe it will bring the 50,000,000 soldiers and civilians who died in that war back.


    Besides, what could a German possibly proud of? No matter what the Germans have accomplished or ever will accomplish, it will never cancel out what they did in WWII, and why.


    fuck of caio, nobody miss you


    So if your great-grandparents do something messed up, you’re somehow responsible? Go ahead and explain exactly how that works.


    That’s a very Christian view to have; “you’re responsible for your ancestor’s actions”

    USA, proud to have stolen the land of the inhabitants, 300 years ago, no longer history. Anyway, learn your lesson.


    Have no conception of population migrations on a global basis,do you?Peoples losing their lands is basically what history amounts to.

    What you mean is war and violence. Nobody loses his land from voluntary, not even the US.


    Well,that`s the point.War seems to be the natural state of man.There has not been a single day of peace since well before the day I was born.However,take for example the Anglo-Saxons.A current theory states that the invasion of Britain was more of an infiltration.Certainly during the Migration period there were semi-peaceful population shifts.


    USA is a modern country that’s still waging wars. Sure, the nazis did lots of bad things, but at least they aren’t anymore.


    1) Well, that Kraut up there just blamed the US for something that ended over a hundred years ago. I’m blaming the krauts for something that many people are still alive to remember. Don’t give me that ancestor crap. 2) There are still entire neighbourhoods in Germany run by neo-nazis. The krauts did practically nothing to make up for their crimes. America, on the other hand, is giving more and more rights and funding to the reserves as a way of reparation. The krauts, on the other hand, feel no guilt about what they did and would do it again… Read more »


    “The krauts […] feel no guilt about what they did and would do it again if they could. The Germans only regret not having finished the job. Remember that when you apologize for Gerry and defend him, he’s laughing at you because he still thinks of you as genetically inferior. He sees you as an animal and is overjoyed that you’re acting as his puppet.”

    And where exactly do you take this from?


    –replace in paragraph 2–

    -‘germany’ with ‘china’
    -‘neonazis’ with ‘communists’
    -‘krauts’ with ‘chinks’
    -‘gerry’ with ‘charlie’

    –to understand what caio is really saying