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    Danggit. Sorry to be “that person”, but according to the legend, Hercules freed Prometheus when was doing his 12 Labors. So, he’s no longer chained to that rock.

    /end greek mythology nerd rant


    Depends on the era. Looking backwards it is easy to look at Greek myths as a single contiguous body of literature, but in reality it weaved and warped as the culture changed. When the Prometheus story was ‘written,’ the moral focus of the stories was obedience to the gods, lack of hubris, and so forth. By the time Hercules labors became part of the accepted folklore, there was a greater focus on bravery and individual heroes taking action into their own hands, which reflected Greece’s (or, to the point, Athens) more martial stance at the time.

    Also not trying to be “that person,” but if you are going to be a pedant (which we both have now recently been), you should go all in. 🙂

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