dont dare to complain about your weight

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    i think you just made everyone on the site a little more gay with this post, tiki




    When did McS become the Berry?

    Luke Magnifico

    The day I take orders from Tumblr is the day I punch myself to death in the face.


    That’ll be a sight to see… but i’d join in after punching myself to death.


    only on this liberal cesspool of a website will this be offending. fat fucks. people like you bankrupt this country because you’re “equal” and want to eat whatever you want and then abuse the system to get your disability benefits because you abused your body to the point of worthlessness. fiscal cliff motherfuckers, you did it!


    Well actually, it was both the parties agreeing, because they knew that they needed something to happen, even if they couldn’t agree.

    I’m not really sure why you’re blaming the liberals. Besides all this shit ws caused by the republicans during the Bush era, have you already forgotten?


    Forgotten the absolute lie that is?

    He’s pinned this on a type and that type is the entitled. Coastal cause heads and the wanna bes that aspire to stupidity will bitch because someone dared expect them to do something themselves.
    Put it this way: you didn’t build that gut. The government did. By making you increasingly reliant on them and ignoring eating habits for decades while trying to blame the product producers rather than the dumbshits who ate without exercising. High fructose corn syrup makes you fat right? I’ve been drinking about 3+ cans of Coke a day for about 20 years and I’m ripped. I also work out for at least an hour 5 days a week or more. I sure as Hell don’t see any flabby/fat hispter liberal douchebags in the gym.

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