who increased the debt

who increased the debt.jpg

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    Looks like they are all spending my childrens money that hasnt even been earned yet.

    A pox on all their houses


    Where is the factual information at?


    Source: Treasury Department.

    google it – I just did, seems to be the truth.
    Even as I admit coming from a Republican die-hard family… we can’t get away from the fact that when it came to the budget and economics of this country, we Republicans have been like fucking drunkin’ sailors.




    Where it says “Source: Treasury Dept” It means to say “Source: Nancy Pilosi’s Facebook Page.” The chart is bad on so many levels. 1) It uses different sources. Reagan/Bush I debt come from old OMBA data while the rest comes from Treasury. Both sources calculate differently. 2) Time in office. Obama’s low number is for around three years in office, the rest (with the exception of Bush I) was for eight. 3) Percent vs amount. If for example our debt is $100 and Reagan increases our debt 189%, our debt goes up $189. If our debt is $10000 and Obama… Read more »




    Federal spending is out of control today. Something has to be done about it now. Only one President has any power over the spending which will happen in the next four years.


    This Chart would make a LOT more sense if instead of the Presidents, you used the Speakers of the House, since THEY are the ones who decide what is going to be spent.

    Would paint an ENTIRELY different Picture.

    Oh, by the way, the Majority of “Bush’s Debt” WAS authorized by the Democrat Congress during Bush’s Final Term, but was actually SPENT during Obama’s First Term.


    Here’s the ENTIRELY different picture – you got wrong. Bush had a Republican Congress of both houses for the 6 out of 8 years in office. Tom Delay (TX) was the Speaker/Majority leader for Bush’s stay in office. No matter what the congress passes, it still comes down to the President signing them or vetoing them. The President always has the last word. Let’s not kid ourselves here, the Democratic congress did not turn this upside down in just a mere two years. I’m no fucking friend of Obama, but your analysis is just pure fantasy – What are you… Read more »


    Maybe YOU should watch some Fox News then you would know the IMPORTANT facts of the 110th (2006-2008) Congress: Senate President Pro Tem; (Leader of the Senate) Robert Byrd (Democrat West Virgina), Speaker of the House; Nancy Pelosi (Democrat California), need I remind you that the House is where all Budget Bills MUST originate as per the United States Constitution. As to “Mad Spending”, what do call Public Law 110-343, more commonly known as TARP? That was Passed in October of 2008 raising the Debt Limit from $700 Billion (that’s with a “B”) to $11.3 Trillion (That’s with a “T”).… Read more »


    haha…you said “FOX” and “Facts” in the same sentence.


    Bullshit graph is bullshit. Aside from the problems pointed out above, the situations during their presidency have been vastly different, so direct comparisons are meaningless. Even if these graphs were legit (which they’re not), the global financial crisis, dealing with Saddam McNutjob, hurricane Katrina etc skew the numbers so far as to make it meaningless.

    Disingenuous use of statistics and massive oversimplification ftl.


    wildman, you better be careful with that…facts aren’t trusted sir.


    percentages are not really reliable in this way….

    200% of 100 is 200
    20% of 1,000 is 200


    like anon pointed out, this graph is for moronic, ignorant liberal faggots. percentages mean shit. the actual numbers is what speaks and onigger fucked us all.


    Rule 1. If there’s a Democrat president, the President is responsible for the debt.

    Rule 2. If not but there’s a Democrat Speaker of the House, the Speaker of the House is responsible.

    Rule 3. If there’s no Democrat President and no Democrat Speaker of the House, who cares? “Deficits don’t matter.”– Dick Cheney.

    Rule 4. Always use “Democrat” instead of “Democratic” when using the adjectival form, because it’s fun being an asshole.