McKayla Maroney has a sexy smirk

McKayla Maroney has a sexy smirk.jpg

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    and a nice body too


    You know, I think it is fucked up that you are best known for being recognized as being disappointed at being awarded 2nd best in the world. Ungrateful bitch. (Very clunky sentence, I know.) But thing is, that’s EXACTLY how you performed. I bet if she had won gold, she’d have made the same face, but then remarked “What?!?! I’m not the best OF ALL TIME?!?!?”


    I think that if you make it all the way to the Olympics, you get to be disappointed if you come in 2nd instead of 1st. That she graciously just had a shit-eating grin and was thinking, “well, that could have gone better,” as opposed to breaking out in tears, is a sign of her mature tendencies.


    Also, I know she’s less than half my age, but my god I’d marry her!