Miss South Africa

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I am confused

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    A white Miss South Africa, wth


    American ignorants, ¿do you really think that everyone in South Africa is black people? I’m sure that you think also that Charlize Theron is american. Study some story about Europe and South Africa.


    Thing is I’m not american, its just wierd that is all
    And i do not believe Charlize is american nor african, i believe she is the founder of the locust Theron guards, pesky things with their torque bows


    lol My mistake, but American or not you should know that there’s a lot of european emigrant descendents in South Africa…Well, Charlize is south african and white also, so I don’t know why is so weird :P. Check that list and you’ll end impressed: www.brobible.com/life/article/13158497 almost all of the most beautiful south african models are white…btw this one of the pic won the contest in 2007. Regards 😉


    Is there such a thing as “Miss Personality”?


    So the white still reigns there.
    That’s nice.


    So black women won under Obama?


    There was a kid in my son’s HS class that applied for an “African-American” scholarship. He was a white kid from South Africa. He got the scholarship. Boy, were they pissed when they met him. Haters gonna hate…..