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    I AM THE KING, BIG DICKS UP THE BUTT, If that speeSort of out of the blue I suppose, but I wonder what the atheists here think of the whole free speech argument over the Islam-insulting film that allegedly, but actually did not, set off the embassy attacks overseas. The head of the UN said that he believed in free speech except in causing hurt and insult to others, and the LA Times, and several high-profile folks in entertainment and politics have said the film-maker needs to be punished for insulting Islam – well, inflaming things anyway, making the “crying… Read more »


    You’re like the cheap Chinese knock off of Magnus.


    And only one of them, Obama, as the Chief Executive of the Federal Government, will put your ass in jail for doing what he did.


    dude Obama wont, the law will. And as long as people are stupid motherfuckers who dont understand what constitutes a drug this will always be the case. Caffeine is a drug, nicotine is a drug, alcohol is a drug, but OMFG Weed! Oh noes its a gate way drug, so if fucking Alcohol morons, so me a stoner who never had a beer. It’s the PEOPLEs fault this kind of shit goes on. About time the world got its head out of it ass, and started to worry about the important stuff rather than Johnny smoking a joint, as if… Read more »


    When did Eddie Bravo become a celebrity? Only Jiu jitsu guys know who the hell he is. Hell most MMA fans have no idea who he is.


    …and every citizen of washington and colorado!


    So you saying that “famous” people smoke weed just like “normal” people ? What this world has come too ?! In couple of years, they’ll probably cheat on their partner, kill people, and\or kill themselves\OD.
    Oh wait…


    You could simplify this list by just printing the word “EVERYONE” on a white background.