The Christmas Spirit

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    “he then took out the gun in his jacket, shot the woman in the face, the man in the eye, punted the baby across the store and blew out both my knees and took the contents of my drawer saying, “next time you turn the light off when i come in ill shoot you in the cunt”. merry christmas from st. judes hospital.


    A much more likely scenario,indeed.


    you’ve been watching American Horror Story too??


    Thanks, you made my whole Christmas.
    This is much closer to reality.

    It’s the same shite we go through month-in and month-out but because we have a plastic tree sitting in the corner of the room we tell ourselves – we have Christmas spirit.

    Maybe I’d feel different if I hadn’t spent three months last summer working in Africa watching children literally dying of starvation… it depresses me to know how much shite we give to people that don’t need this shite to begin with.


    He was parked in the handicap spot and needed to gtfo out of the store. Those tickets can be up to 500 bucks. He actually saved money.


    This is how all great pornos start. Was waiting for the part where he put it in her pooper.


    Congratulations, he has just aided a couple who clearly don’t understand the term “fiscal responsibility”. They’ll probably just get another card and shove even more purchases on there.