Keep your laws off my body

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    Oh, good. I’m not alone. I was feeling stupid there for a moment. It’s like I almost understand it… it’s riiiight on the tip of my brain…



    Nope. It doesn’t make a lick of sense. I’m not sure if it’s satire, or someone who genuinely thought that they were making a point, but absolutely failed to communicate it.


    The joke is that there are Congressman and senators who are trying to outlaw abortion, and women say “the government is telling a woman what she can and cant do with her body”. By issuing this challenge in the first panel, she is showing that really the abortion issue is about what is currently called “Slut shaming” than actual rights of people. When its turned around on men, its suddenly a shunting of rights. I’ll agree that it’s not equivocal because if a man does not let out his sperm through the traditional means(masturbation or sex), it will do it… Read more »


    This was from the daily show.


    I’m confused. Freedom of choice is not in any amendments I’ve read and I don’t believe it’s in the constitution either. I suppose if your choice is speaking, then it could be freedom of speech or something.


    That you start with the amendments instead of the constitution as it originated makes me very confused. Not sure what you are getting at. Freedom of choice for what? Do you mean freedom of action? That’s kind of what the US constitution is about. Autonomy. You are allowed to do anything you want (provided it doesn’t impinge on the rights of others), unless a law specifically stops you from doing so. The amendments exist to declare some things relatively off-limits for laws to exclude. Pretending that I think that this was an actual exchange between state senators (no, I have… Read more »


    Is THIS seriously where my fucking tax dollars are going???


    I broke the law three times today.
    No wait, make that four.