run away

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    Is it me or am I the only one who thinks once her fame is up she would probably top herself somewhere? Like a news story will tell us they found her body near a dumpster at Walmart? Cute.


    She’s no 15 minuter…
    My “famous-meter” is pretty high so if I can tell who she is (the crazy chick from that song?) than she has a good 10 years worth of famous in her.


    famous meter… famous meter? goddamit. are you actually implying that you can tell how long someone will be famous?
    1. i dont know who the fuck this cunt is.
    2. fame is relative.
    3. see number 1.
    oh yeah…”minuter”? ugh.

    tiki god

    she’s actually pretty aware of the whole thing and is capitalizing on it fairly well.


    How can you possibly know that? Jesus tiki.


    You haven’t seen all the other pictures of her with her fans?