Scrapped Akira Movie Concepts

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Looks good.. but KANEDA IS NOT AN AMERICAN NAME … silly hollywood

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    Is that Canada and Aikido misspelled on his jacket?

    So in addition to changing Kaneda to white, they make him so illiterate that he buys clothes with misspelled words?

    Thank god we were spared this needless flaming wreck of bullshit.


    I hope Sean William Scott plays Kaneda. He’s good at playing Asians. The name Kaneda is too chinky of course. A good American name like Cody is better.


    not sure if troll or a idiot racist.


    Is the name of the character really that big of a deal if you are culture shifting it? I mean this isn’t a remake, its a whitewash. might as well go whole hog.

    It’s never expressly stated that any character is Asian in the movie. Its in neo Tokyo. Who is to say in the future Japan and other countries won’t have the same forced multiculturalism that every indo European country has now? There very well could be a wave of white people hitting Japan by that time in the same way waves of Chinaman are overrunning Toronto as I’m typing this. Currently they are 60% of this city now and I am a visible minority. The 60% figure comes straight from Toronto Police Services in case anyone wants to try and contest… Read more »

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