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this is awesome.. i want it

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    I love this motherfuckers snax!


    No. No you don’t. My sister had a Great Dane and a English Mastiff. All her furniture was stained by thick viscous slobber. Their tails are like baseball bats. Say goodbye to all vases, pictures, ash trays, remotes and any liquid in any cup or glass you ever drink from. Oh, and rain. When they come in from the rain? They literally bring in pounds of mud, and then they shake the water off….hahaha…good times.


    My wife wants a Great Dane and I want an English Mastiff. We are totally willing to put up with the mess they can create because of the personalities they are supposed to have. Other than what happened to her house, what was your sister’s experience with them?


    True. They were very loving, loyal and sweet animals. But so are Maltese, Beagles, Collies, Boxers and Labs. I used to have a Saint Bernard and a Newfoundland, so I know what I’m talking about. Large breeds live a very short time and have many hip and muscle issues because of their size. I think, and a lot of people will deny it, that sometimes people want these big boys because of the “prestige” they carry. The “hey! look at the huge dog!” effect. It’s sad, because as your 140 lb dog turns the corner, wipes out a corner table,… Read more »


    It’s called having a dog. Just in jumbo size. If I had the space, I’d get a Dane in a heartbeat. The real problem with Danes is that they are short lived, about 8 years. It can be really tough losing a family member every 8 years.


    Dammit…I already have that fucked-up laugh of his in my head.

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