Killing children in the bible: no biggie.

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    Do, Fod’s kin!


    Well, I’m sure the new kid are better.


    Not as complainey, got the fear of God’s wrath in them.


    Faith isn’t about thinking, that’s why it’s called faith, and not thinking.
    Think about this too.


    “But dad, I don’t wanna go to Sunday School!”
    “Neither did my first kids.”
    What first kids?”


    flawed summary is flawed.

    The Book of Job is about God apologizing to Man.


    Sounds like he should have.


    Just gonna throw this out there…

    If critics of the Bible were just as willing to stretch the metaphor and cherry-pick the example and make undue connections, this would probably be cited as an example of God not thinking children are real people and thus abortion’s probably cool.

    Dyon 86

    Ah, the old kids are OK, they just got to the end game sooner than expected, which after all is the goal, to be sitting beside God in Happy Happy Land.

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