Benghazi questions remain unanswered

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Four dead Americans. A media and White House cover up. But there is a monkey over there with four stars that is more entertaining.

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    this isn’t funny

    Hell you voted for the guy who let it happen.

    Luke Magnifico

    Pretty convenient time for a scandal to distract the American people, I think.


    why would they need distracting
    as if emailgate used up valuable
    investigative resources
    oh right lets use up all the reporters
    and lawyers to cover where petraeus
    puts his dick that way theyll never
    figure out who really did benghazi

    fuckin please


    i don’t get the joke… I DON’T GET THE JOKE…
    oh.. wait… nope still at a loss..


    whatever. im eating a shitton of cinnamon nut bread with an illegal amount of icing on it. so much so, it’s more like im eating a plate of icing with some bread crumbs on it. boom.


    At this point, Obama could eat a puppy on live TV and I wouldn’t believe it because of all the bullshit conspiracy theories that have plagued him ever since he became a household name.


    So what you’re telling me is that if it doesn’t get reported on CNN or MSNBC, The Washington Post or the New York Times, it didn’t happen?


    No, but if the only places it is reported is Fox News and conservative radio then there’s a fair chance that its 96% bullshit.


    Fox News, The Blaze are not news. They’re organs of propaganda for the GOP and Tea Party.

    The fact that they are not news is not news.


    That’s why you’re an idiot. Believe your lying eyes or believe the fantasy that is President Obama.


    Intelligence ignored. Nearly 3000 Americans died in the attacks on 9/11. 4410 Americans killed in the Iraqi war. Boat loads of your tax dollars spent. No WMD’s found. Prisoners of war tortured. But hey, there are anti-American protests in one of the mist unstable regions in the world and 4 Americans die. Let’s blame the guy in the White House who was thousands of miles away. Fuck you for not being clairvoyant.



    Jac H

    Anybody heard anything about some Fiscal Cliff or another?


    A.) During Bush’s 8 years, there were EIGHT embassy attacks resulting in 53 deaths. FACT.

    B.) Before the embassy attack, House Republicans voted to DECREASE funding for embassy security. FACT.

    C.) NEITHER of the above facts are being mentioned on Fox News or conservative radio. FACT.


    And yet none of that has anything to do with this. Blaming Bush gas to end sometime. When does the boy-king become responsible for anything?


    Was I blaming Bush for Benghazi? No I wasn’t. Just offering a comparison. 53 deaths at 8 different embassies to 4 at 1. Yet there was NO outrage whatsoever at Bush’s failings. Why? Is Obama responsible for Benghazi? Yes. He’s even said the buck stops with him. However, it’s idiotic to get butthurt over Benghazi while completely ignoring the FACTS about it (especially the House Republicans voting to LOWER embassy defense spending). Again, that is a fact. I know as a Republican you’re probably allergic to them, but some ointment or something might help.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Sweety, the point is that there were British, private, and other troops available but your lord and savior was too busy with the propaganda campaign to pay attention to the need for a phone call to send in help and that embassy wasn’t just attacked it was destroyed. The FACTS are he fucked up HUGE. Worse than Bush EVER did. He’s run up WAY higher debt. He’s a fucking failure but you’re too WEAK to overcome the conditioning and even recognize it. House Republicans voted to decrease security…means fuck all. There are private and foreign soldiers on hand that can… Read more »

    tiki god

    wat? half of what you typed there was completely made up.

    try to stick with the facts pls


    It’s funny to see Tiki respond to Maggie.

    Excubitores Omega

    Another attempt to shield the President and his administration from responsibility, yet again? I will offer congratulations on being able to spell the word “FACT”. Here is a teachable moment though using the word in bold does not an argument make despite the aesthetic quality. Yet since one is so enamored with the word let us delve deeper. A list of terror attacks with dates that speak for themselves: 2011 United States Damascus, Syria 2011 Syrian uprising[4] 2011 United States Kabul, Afghanistan 2011 Kabul Attacks[5] 2011 United States Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina [6] 2012 United States Cairo, Egypt 2012 attack… Read more »


    Democrats have controlled the legislative and executive branches for the last 4 years. Why weren’t they increasing security? Why haven’t they provided us with single payer health care? Why haven’t they closed Gitmo? Why haven’t they done the things they promised?
    The Republican’s fucked us, but that can’t be the Democrats excuse for doing the same.


    Your knowledge is wrong. Republicans have controlled the House since 2010. Saying the democrats have controlled the legislative branch for 4 years is either an ignorant statement or a lie.


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    I’d be more worried about all the foreigners USA is killing. It’s not just a handful.

    There are worse failings of the administration to concentrate on if you’re not too nationalistic.