Douglas Adams

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    Love Adams sci-fi work but his statement is inaccurate. The US is governed not ruled. Although, four years ago, Valerie Jarrett (Obama’s brain) stated that the President was ready rule on day one so he may be spot on.


    He’s talking about the Intergalactic President, not the US, you’re not the centre of the universe.


    Does this mean we SHOULD hire Sarah Palin?


    i’m not sure, but i think mark twain said something surprisingly similar…


    Well he wrote a book or two, and used latin so it must be true.


    So is this something he said as a political comment or something humorous lifted from one of his books?

    Because that could possibly make a difference.


    He was talking about Zaphod Beelblebrox.


    Absolutely and inescapably true. Those who want power the most are invariably the least likely ones to do any good with power. That’s a fact that history spends most of its time demonstrating, yet there’s always a bunch of liberals who will disagree with it due to their fetishistic desire to have a “Big Mommy” government who takes care of them forever and ever and which, of course, must be composed of the most wonderful and kind and loving people in the history of the world.


    Hey, a sensible statement that you self-derailed by a tangent into a rant.

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