Please Rob Us!

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A notice I saw on a pharmacy door next to a gas station I stopped at. The specimens box was covering up the word “No” I work in the medical field so I had many lulz.

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    Yep. Because criminals aren’t going to get to the door and go “damn no guns! guess ill rob the store next door with no signs.”

    I’m a cwp holder myself, and these sighs just make me laugh.


    And since you have such a permit, I can just bet that your laugh sounds maniacal.


    Only when I’m not on my meds muwhahahaha *cough* =) But all kidding aside the last person I’d want carrying a fire arm is someone who isn’t stable. Which is why I’m glad we have such a tuff background check, and training laws here. We have to go through a 8 hour class, pass both a written test, a marksman test, and then wait for 3 months to be approved. Our fingerprints are also on file with SLED. Some states you can walk into the police station, ask for a permit, and have it in three days with no training,… Read more »