so trump had a melt down on twitter

proof that even millionaires get drunk and post shit they regret on twitter.

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    People that think he’s a valid voice in this world are probably not the smartest…


    Here’s the man who said Obama was unamerican, not a citizen, demanded his birth certificate saying the democratic election of a leader is a sham, travesty and disgusting injustice. He stated Obama lost the popular vote before all votes were counted. (Still being counted) Then calls for revolution in a public forum, only to have his lawyers flip out and have him take it down. Why, because it is treasonous and treason is still punishable by death. All this and that stupid call out for his records for a charity donation shows the idiocy of this man and how far… Read more »




    I love the way that he manages to totally invalidate his tweets that are his opinions by mixing in ones that are clearly factually incorrect.


    I’m imagining him saying these things in Cartman’s angry voice.


    Oh god… I’m never going to read anything he says the same again.


    I keep hearing about apps you can buy which make you do some simple math problems to see if you are drunk before you can dial you exes. Trump needs that for his twitter feed.


    Wah, F’n Wah.
    He doesn’t care about America or Democracy. He’s just pissed because the guy that loves rich people won’t be here to make him richer.


    I’m not really crazy about the electoral college, but Obama won the popular vote.


    When those tweets were made, they’d called if for Obama, but he was still a couple hundred behind in the popular vote. Then about 15 minutes later the west coast votes started coming in.


    and yet people magically forget that gore won the popular votes and lost the electoral to bush

    wealthy people
    not lawyers

    hate obama

    self described intellectuals with no knowledge of policy or politics

    love obama

    who do you think would make a smarter decision?

    Don’t answer because you already did and you’re wrong. Best of luck, dumbasses


    Remember when this was the Donald have a melt-down?

    Good times….