He didn’t.

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    Yep, Obama won. Bend over America you asked for it.


    Oh, so let me get this straight. Two midwestern nuts said something idiotic, so we vote for the socialist and send the businessman packing. Now the stock market is tanking, business are starting to lay off people because they know ObamaCare will poison their botton line, the fiscal cliff will make EVERYBODY’s taxes go up and the entire country will be broke in four years! Smart. Reealll Smart!Thanks for the input, Alec.


    More idiot strawman arguments from the conservative loon. Face it, the American people saw through both your misogynistic attitudes and your fiscal fantasies. The fact is, the economy is recovering nicely, unemployment is dropping, Obama has reduced the debt and women CAN get pregnant from rape.
    And yes, taxes are probably going back to pre-Bush levels to help pay off the cost of Bush’s wars and Congress’ deregulating the finance industry. Sorry, you play you gotta pay – you can’t just stick it to the poor this time.


    You know who doesn’t think Obama’s a socialist? … Socialists.

    Basically, calling Obama a socialist outs you either as an intellectual lightweight who uses charged buzzwords out of their context to undeservedly further your point, or as someone who’s just bitter that they can’t get away with saying “nigger” anymore.


    Good. I hope it’s terminal.


    Great political insight, K. How ever did you figure that out?


    Cool man. Got another pic for you then. Ever heard of Goatse?

    What does it mean, politically speaking?

    Ya listen to the D list actor. Good job guys. The pill popping D list actor at that. Remember him screaming at his daughter he’d beat the shit out of her? Hilariously liberal of him.


    That’s a picture of him from twenty or thirty years ago. He looks to haggard and weird and old now, I have to turn my head away during his scenes on 30 rock.

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