8 million and one

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    The difference with the one is, he’s worth a quarter billion or more and will never need for anything in his life, ever. Plus he can resubmit his 2011 taxes to take his full deductions and get more money back. He could sell off some of his many houses. He could sell his Olympic horse and save seventy seven thousand in expenses. Oh wait he wrote those off on his taxes, nevermind. Bottom line, he could wipe his ass with one hundred dollar bills and the only loss he would feel would be the loss of blood from the possible… Read more »


    He knows how to run a business. That’s what we ALL needed. All Obama knows how to do is run his mouth. Let’s all reconvene here in 2 years and see how smug you are. Actually, at this rate, lets see houw you feel in 2 MONTHS.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    I’m wondering at what point people can see through the propaganda and realize they had their vote stolen and they were literally brainwashed with propaganda. America is permanently damaged now and will not recover. All Americans did was show that at least half the country is easy to manipulate.

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