The Bible puts the “pro” in “pro slavery”

Biblical-justification-of-slavery.png (297 KB)

Found here:

An interesting book called Bible Defense of Slavery (…):

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    The entire world had slaves 2000 years ago you stupid fuck.


    Verily, the Lord did send his messengers down amongst the people, and they did say in one voice “Don’t ever change anything, if everyone is doing something bad, that’s ok. The entire world has slaves, you stupid fucks.”


    There is not a sentence in the New Testament which expressly forbids downloading and watching porn torrents.

    Stupid logic that guy has.

    And not everyone had slaves. Only some regions engaged in it and some of those regions still do.


    Dude, I’ll bet you have a huge stockpile of shit you googled while you were yelling at me.

    One guy saying the bible says something doesn’t mean the bible says that.

    Even when that guy is you.

    I still think some christian girl you dated once banged the football team or something. You really have a chip on your shoulder.


    “Fact 1: the bible doesn’t condemn slavery.”
    the abolitionism movement also took its mandate from the bible.

    “Fact 2: the bible tells you how to treat slaves”
    it also tells you how to prepare your meat and textiles. Not a lot of bible-thumpers out there claiming that vegetarians and people that wear cotton/poly blends are going to hell.

    “Fact 3: Jesus had a great chance to condemn slavery on the sermon on the mount, but forgot to in all his wisdom.”
    this is childish logic. ‘But Mom, you didn’t specifically state that I could’t have chocolate cake for breakfast, so….’


    The Abolitionist movement was comprised of a bunch of religious people, but don’t go saying they took their mandates from the Bible on abolition. That’s like saying they made a great cake by following a recipe for pie.

    As for 2 and 3, you can’t have it both ways. Either the Bible is the infallible word of God, or it’s a human text. If it’s the word of God, then stop wearing jeans. If it’s a human text, then realize that everything in it, like the proper ways to treat slaves, can be thrown out.


    Yes, actually, the vast majority of abolitionists did cite their religious views as the primary reason or at least the justification for their relatively extreme position (extreme for a society that was, even in its most progressive corners, institutionally racist).

    And yeah, sure, a lot has been thrown out of the bible, and rightfully so. It was written by primitive and ignorant people. That doesn’t mean that it is devoid of truth. That doesn’t mean that “god”, for lack of a better concept, had nothing to do with writing it.

    Why the fuck does everything have to be so all or nothing with you people?


    “Guess where the other side got their backing from” – Slavery predates christianity. Slavery predates civilization. Which was the more radical position at the time?

    Christianity didn’t invent empathy. But to end the institution of slavery without it would’ve required people as a society to decide that something that people had always been doing was all of a sudden the wrong thing to do because… why? I mean, there are any number of reasons it was wrong, but those reasons were always there.

    Once, again, you guys are just pointing out how useful christianity has been to human social development.


    First of all, you’re spraying spittle all over the place. At this point none of your arguments are rising very far above the level of ‘christianity SUX!!!1!! stoopid redneck!’

    Second, I agree, lessons can be found everywhere. I hope the Jedi religion is the next scientology someday. Much better lessons to be learned.

    But your assertion that nothing in the bible required divine inspiration is, once again, purely theoretical, and pretty myopic. You base all your pronouncements from the perspective of the very moral structure that religion had a strong hand in molding.

    Jesus the man, as portrayed in the bible, minus all the supernatural stuff, would be a pretty non-controversial figure in the present day. People would consider his moral code very reasonable.

    But remember, in his time he was considered a radical. His ideas dangerous, even illegal. It’s easy for you to say now that its common sense.


    “Nothing in there exceeds what a peasant could have come up with. But if you want to set very low standard for your god, then go right ahead.” – Once again, all you have is ‘could have’. I’m talking about what actually happened. And Jesus was a ‘peasant’. It wouldn’t have been as powerful a movement if he had been a powerful figure.

    “Like living like tomorrow wouldn’t exist? I wonder if that could have any bad consequences.” – That doesn’t make any sense. The whole point of his message was for people to stop living solely for themselves.

    “(gotta love that word with an exclamation mark after it)”<–wtf are you talking about?

    "…predated him by several hundred years. I guess even Yahweh needs inspiration from mortals, right?" – No it works the other way around. Presumably 'Yahweh' wouldn't be subject to linear time since he would have invented it. It seems like you are having a difficult time wrapping your head around these concepts. Try to find other sources for your knowledge of christianity, besides cartoons.


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