Dear USA: No one gets why you would vote against your best interest

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BBC poll: Rest of world favours Obama

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    Luke Magnifico

    Well, there’s Pakistan. You guys love Muslims, right?


    Vote for who will do the best for your country.
    None of these other countries have your best interest in mind.


    Because Obama doesn’t think like an American. He thinks like an European socialist. If you travel at all, you know America is still the greatest nation in the world as a whole. USA is greatly diminished, sadly, but still the best. Why would the USA want to become more like the rest of the world if it’s a move down?


    Objectivity at it’s finest.


    Oh I’ve travelled, and no its not. Theres some really good things about the states, and theres some really bad things about too, pretty much the same for all first world nations. If you head down the delusional road of we’re the bestest evar (sic) youre going to head for a fall of epic proportions. Dont vote from another President that turns inwards, accept the fact that youre part of a bigger, diverse world and you’ll not only feel better for it but you will come out ahead in the long run.


    oh yeah.. because YOUR election doesn’t effect the rest of the world.


    You don’t live in a utopian democracy, you live in a state of corporate fascism. Whether you choose Obama or Romney, it’s not going to change any time soon.


    What are you basing that on?
    There’s plenty of countries that are ahead of you in regards to healthcare, education and economic fortitude; what makes the USA better than those Countries?
    There are only a couple of areas that the USA excels at over other developed countries; the first is military spending and the second was youth arrests (or maybe it was drug arrests, it was something to do with arrests), get over yourself.


    The US excels at incarcerating its population. #1 in the world baby!


    “Because Obama doesn’t think like an American. He thinks like an European socialist.”

    *Looks at the list*



    Generalize much? I know USA is not best in the world at “freedom” and that’s a pretty important part of a country, I think. It’s not the best at justice either, that prison population is a joke that’s too sad to laugh at. Equality? Pretty important, but USA is not the best at that either. Secularism? Nope.

    Not saying USA ain’t a nice country and all, but your blanket statements are too vague to be of use.


    Given that we are pretty much universally hated by the rest of the world (I’m not sure how the Japaneese feel about us), I can understand why they want us to vote for Obama. He has f*cked us for the last four years economically, and if we vote for him again, we get four more years of economic turmoil. So yeah, of course they want us to vote for him. They have seen us getting f*cked by him, and would love to see four more years of it. That and the fact that he has the mindset of a european… Read more »


    “I’m not sure how the Japaneese feel about us”

    Was that supposed to be sarcastic?


    No just dumb


    No, I honestly don’t know what the average Japaneese person living in Japan feels about the U.S.. So no, that was not sarcastic.


    Wow. you really nail every single thing the right wants you to believe there.




    There was supposed you be a video embedded there. I’ll try again.



    That we even let people get away with saying Obama is anything else but a Centrist Republican is ridiculous. this woman calling him a communist belongs in the fifties, what and idiot. Study it out ? She should have finished high school I guess…..


    I will note that those Countries who favor Obama also favored Jimmy Carter and Al Gore and didn’t like Ronald Reagan at all. So. like those Movie Critics who loathe every movie you’ve ever liked…


    So Pakistan is a great yardstick for US election predictions?


    Having lived over here in Europe for quite a while now. Yes, they liked Carter, Reagan and Clinton (they didn’t know Gore except by chance of being Clinton’s VP) but who they really hated like most people still do world-wide – even in our own country is George W. Bush. That guy’s an anathema no matter where he goes… Republicans don’t even invite him to their own Republican National Convention (twice). You’re wrong about Reagan, but then again Reagan was far more centrist and Democratic in his policies than even Clinton was. Raised taxes 11 times. Gave amnesty to 3… Read more »


    A collection of ‘circling the drain’, or opportunistic or propagandized countries. Art of War much? For a populace educated enough to form an opinion rather than indoctrinated ones where are Switzerland and Israel? It has oft been commented even by the propagandist orgs that people didn’t know Romney until the debates. Amazing that folks are all caught up in the tribal areas of pakistan and the back country of peru.
    So what of knowledge of debt, national wealth, productivity, real education etc when one can ponder a nice little dummy down chart?

    tiki god

    you’re permitted to say “shit” or “fuck” on this blog.

    or cunt. or “republican”


    I dunno, the natives don’t like that last one. So, on to ralphthedog. Ralph, you fist-fucking bitch. Look at your list since Obama took office: The economy sucks! If you think otherwise, fuck you and the horse you rode in on. USA has record-making numbers of people on welfare and food stamps; record-making numbers of people leaving the workforce because they’ve given up on getting a job ON TOP OF historically high unemployment; had an embassy attacked and jack shit done about it; education is about the same if you ignore the government trying to tell students what and how… Read more »


    Actually I have personally been f*cked by Obama. When he and the rest of the DemoRATS forced through the health care bill, my wife’s company immediately started laying off workers because of rising health care costs. Because of that, we did not have enough income for over a year to pay our house payment, and we had to short sale to prevent a total foreclosure. So yes, Obama has f*cked over quite a few of us with his idiotic liberal agenda. And btw, before we lost our house, I had a 730 credit score from all three credit agencies. Thanks… Read more »




    So this time you fell of the wagon. Rest assured, somebody else got to keep his job at your wife’s company and now doesn’t have to give a shit about your house and your credit rating just like you wouldn’t have if she had kept her job and somebody else had lost it.
    It’s all about you. Fuck the big picture.


    Isn’t it the republican credo that those that are poor/without a house deserve their place in society?

    If only you had worked harder, jonblaze81!


    It’s not a matter of me not working harder, Korinthian. It’s a matter of us having a president and senate who are working against us and our economy by passing laws,legislation, and more regulations that are hurting american businesses due to their idiotic liberal agenda. The president and both houses of congress are supposed to be working for the american people and business in order to help them achieve the american dream whereas Obama and the senate have been doing the exact opposite for the last four years. The total sh*t pile that is our economy proves that liberalism just… Read more »


    Typical poor person: there’s always someone to blame it on.

    “Romney has proven…”

    I guess you could always buy your house back with the money you make from fortune-telling.


    What has he won? He promised to improve the unemployment rate and it is worse than when he entered office; much worse than the official U3 rate. He promised improvement to GDP growth and we’re bumping along at less than 2%. Any improvement, such as it has been, is in spite of Obama’s policies not because of them. He has taken a deep recession and turned into a never ending non-recovery.


    You libfag DUMBocrats don’t know nothin about international politics. If Obama gets a second term, in four years we’ll all be wearing turbans, baggy striped pants, no shirt, and crossing our arms sternly. Our national economy will be entirely based around enchanted lanterns and legendary hidden treasure. A spunky, smart-mouthed young Englishman will lead our rebellion against the dreaded Janissaries of the wicked Ottoman Porte.

    Just like Muslim-loving, left-voting Frace.


    like a bear out of it’s cave from hiberation, look at you now


    I bet you look adorable sitting in front of your monitor with your little aluminum foil hat.


    Let me ask you America-hating lib-tards a question: you use separation of church and state to prevent our children praying to the white man’s God. Fine, it is in our constitution I guess.

    But why are you perfectly happy forcing American students to pray to Allah, five times a day, while facing Mecca?


    This just constitutes a question… can you provide where and when in America this has happened thus far? I’ve not heard of any children being “forced” to pray 5x a day facing Mecca. I’ve lived in the Middle-East for my job and there children are not “forced” to pray 5x a day facing Mecca so this is very enlightening to me that this is happening in America. I wasn’t aware that there was a “white man’s God”. White men now have a god? Wow, when did this guy show up? Was there some major announcement somewhere about this? Because –… Read more »


    “Je t’aime, LE MUSLIMS!!” – President Barack Obama

    For you socialists who dont’ know nothin bout the world THAT QUOTE IS IN FRENCH


    Yes, I speak French (and five other languages fluently), a Republican/Conservative and a Marine Vet of 3 tours and I also love the Muslims. I have lived in the Middle-East for my career and served there, they are a wonderful people no less than you and I. They make great soldiers that have served, defended and given up their lives for our country. They are no different then you and I, only they worship and call God by a different name… so fucking what. I have met plenty of major assholes that were Muslims but I have met twice that… Read more »


    Young man, I will have you know that I retired a Six-Star Air Force General. That president Reagan you admire so much honoured my committment to Americanness so greatly that he had a Brigadier General killed in order to get me that unprecidented extra star. I gave my life for this great country, but does anyone honour my death? No, Muslim America is too busy flying around on carpets and wishing for more wishes. And don’t you tell me about Reagan. I consider him the type of Hollywood left-winger who drove America straight into the arms of Muhammed. In my… Read more »


    Eurosa: Caio is like the Demigorgon of Sarcasm. Let it go.

    Lou R

    Er, where are American students being forced to pray to Allah five times a day, while facing Mecca?


    Mitt who?

    Just practicing for this December.


    Heh heh heh


    Here’s why I think it is the world likes Obama: The world likes the fact that Obama is black and that he’s a sign that USA has officially moved away from racism that the southern parts of USA and republicans ostensibly have in common. Mormons are crazy and many other countries are very aware that they come from USA. Imagine someone that’s been trained to go door to door trying to impose his views with a military behind him: scary! The world knows Obama. The world knows how Republicans pretty much always represent the crazy shit when politics, sex and… Read more »


    We like him because he realises theres a bigger world out there, and that its not just a case of them and us. America needs to stop being so British about things, the world changing and so is your role, don’t cling on to the past. Grasp this and make the future yours, and you will still be at the front but in a slightly changed capacity.






    So you don’t think USAders vote against the candidate they don’t want?

    Luke Magnifico

    Holy shit


    That’s a great fucking name for… something


    Maybe a Christian army that travels the world liberating countries from the tyranny of Islam, whilst making shit loads of money in the process.


    And here is a major flaw in a 2 party system.


    I’m guessing Pakistan is a little put off by Obama using drones to murder them. The rest of the world is operating entirely off of what mainstream media tells them. They don’t know CNN and MSNBC are 100% full of shit.
    This just shows how drastic the disconnect is between the American people and the American media.


    How retarded are you? Are you giving yourself an excuse to see why most of the rest of the world is voting for Obama. I’m from west Europe and i know all of your news coverage companies are bullshit. Im not saying Obama is good, both of ’em can go to hell imo.


    The link to the article goes to a 404 page.

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