God Works in Unmeasurable Ways

God-and-health-care.jpg (41 KB)

Oh yeah, because he works *through* people. Pull the other one.

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    I thought it was we Christians who were supposed to be constantly pushing our be lief on others. There sure seem to be a ton of atheists on here pushing this crap on everyone.



    Everyone who has a belief pushes it. It’s human nature, it seems.


    Christianity has received all manner of legal and civil privilege for decades. They’re the first to brag about the wonderful religious freedoms in America when people of other religions complain about mistreatment, but wont hesitate to cry “DESCRIMINATION!” when there’s the tiniest legal or civil push against anything Church-related.

    And now, more than they have in a long time, Christian lawmakers are moving a slough of Christ-based law into the US, be it against Gay Marriage, Contraception, Abortion, Liquor sales, or what-have-you.

    A lot of Atheists used to respectfully sit back on these matters – turn the other cheek, if you will. But now we’re sick of Christian privilege, and we’re ready to drop our Religious sensitivity, because being quiet, respectful, and staying out of Christian business, is a favor that is NOT being returned to us by Christian organisations, lawmakers, and voters.


    I think the gay marriage laws have mostly been around for awhile now, haven’t they?

    But I agree with your sentiment.


    Mostly, yes. But Minnesota is voting on a state amendment against Gay Marriage this month, one of the Carolinas passed a new state-wide ban earlier this year, Prop 8 passed in Cali only four years ago…

    They’re still pushing it, and they always fall back on “The Bible says that marriage is between a man and a woman” so it’s completely fair to say that they’re still pushing the Bible onto us through law.

    (That was my post you replied to, BTW – I didn’t see that I wasn’t logged in)


    Your gravatar reminds me of an idea we had in a game of of 13th Age (like D&D). Elves drink beverages that they make themselves (think about it). They attach ropes to their horses, and since they are so thin, their cloaks act as kites and they fly in the air instead of riding the horse. Then there are Elven fire brigades. They use their beverage production unit to put out fires while kiting.


    Very well said. +1


    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Christians push their beliefs, atheists push back. But I shouldn’t expect a Christian to know a lot about physics, except “Newton was totally a Christian, too, so there.”


    Pushing beliefs != Stating Facts


    Why couldn’t a christian who believes God wants us to make our own miracles make the above picture? Or someone who believes in another deity?


    Coooooooooooooooooooooooooool man. Your wit has again carried the day! Bravo! Hip hip hooray! Whoop de fucken doooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

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