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1. Me and the twin sis pulling a Zoolander
2. Me and sis, and my fro
3. Senior pic from high school a couple of years ago.
4. Yep.
5. My pastime of martial arts. Been at it for 14 years.

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    sweet twins


    TKD? I can’t always tell the difference between the TKD and Tang Soo Do uniforms.

    I thought I’d ask instead of trolling with a certain famous Bruce Lee line about boards.


    Very impressive. And I swear you’ve got a doppelgänger in Ireland by the name of Matthew.


    Tae Kwon Do for 14 years, Hap ki Do for 8, Kickboxing/boxing for 6, Brazilian Jujitsu for 4, Judo for 2.

    The picture above is for my TKD Master test. There’s really no definitive uniform anymore.

    DieA, does he have the jewfro?


    Good for you for having broad MA horizons.


    Can your sister kick your ass?


    Ballet dancer for 15 years, prolly.