USS Saipan

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    Is it just me, or does the Federation have some of the most retarded looking ships?


    Nope. Not just you.

    Here… let’s fight. Oh look, I just targeted *one* of your warp pylons. Now you can’t jump away. Also: now going to work on that absurd “neck” of your ship. You know; the bit that connects all of the important stuff to that disk with the command pimple sitting out in the open?. Yeah… that one.


    Don’t worry, there is a backup “battle bridge” that we never use because we KNOW the bridge is in a stupid position.


    Better than Romulan ships, which look like they want to maximize their surface area and long, skinny structures. The original series has an excuse because there was no consensus at the time of what spaceships should look like aside from real life rocket ships. After that, they should have minimized the similarity to the original enterprise, not take it and make it more extreme. Star Trek ships clearly are designed to rely on their shields to protect them (which is pretty much the case, as they almost always imply that one photon torpedo will destroy most ships if their shields… Read more »


    You know you have a point! I always wondered why the Federation ships never targeted those thin neck sections of the Romulan Warbirds and cut the ships “head” clean off?


    Technically, this is something that some random dude came up with and isn’t canon.


    No one even counts that one…


    You know, I consider myself a Trekkie. Not a die-hard, but nothing is going to change the fact that this ship has a dick.


    Isn’t energy and matter free in the Star Trek universe? Are these the kinds of ships you’d build if you had basically no limitations?

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