Pro-Romney T-Shirt

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Put the white back in the white house

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    This Image is raising a WHOLE bunch of questions. Just why is the Getty Images Photographer, Jamie Sabau who took the shot, who is normally a Sports Photographer, at a Political Rally on a Friday? Why can nobody else be found who also saw this person? Why is there only the ONE Image, instead of the half dozen (or more) that a Professional would take to make sure of getting a salable shot? Why does the Metadata on the Image give a date of 2012/01/25 when allegedly the photo was taken at an October 12, 2012 Campaign event? ( Is… Read more »


    The core point is we should only entertain speculation that indicates this is not legit.


    The t-shirt has been for sale on left wing/anti-Tee Party sites – without the Romney-Ryan sticker – for a long time. It’s obviously a plant. Everyone else has coats on as it is cold and it’s well known that the left has been sending provocateurs to conservative rallies for years, especially the Tea Party rallies.

    Doesn’t matter. No one buys this stuff and Romney looks solidly on the path to a win.


    I actually looked for this shirt online. What website sells them?


    I couldn’t find that particular shirt but I found a bunch of other racist, anti-Obama shirts at:


    It was on an anti-Tea Party site a year or so ago. I can’t find it now either.


    Also, what specific fact makes you say it’s a plant?

    I notice a lot of conservatives say this every time someone does something out of line.


    You’re full of shit, don’t try to act like Obama race has never been used as an insult; there have been countless instances of right-wing media outlets using his race to criticise him. I think that’s overestimating your own party to saying that it’s “obviouslya plant”, there’s plenty of video of pretty genuine looking Republican supporters holding racist signs and wearing racist t-shirts at Republican rallies. Do you honestly think thatLiberal supporters have nothing better to do than go around to Tea Party rallies and sully their “good reputation”?That just seems sort of self deluded to me. Lastly, the last… Read more »


    In fact, according to the Huffington post the electoral votes seem to be swinging in Obama’s favour.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    lol huff post

    massive lol

    the enquirer called and they’d like their title as king of bullshit back


    Can you link any examples of right-wing media outlets that uses his race against him? I mean specifically talking about race, and not all those dog-whistle racist claims like “welfare” or “foodstamps.”

    Yes, I think liberals will bait at conservative rallies as there have been documented instances of that happening.

    When was the last time you looked at a poll? Romney is leading nationally and in many of the make or break states.


    Most of the time it’s been either subtle or thinly veiled, the most obvious one would be the unsubstantiated claims that he was born in Kenya, we all know that this sort of debacle wouldn’t have occured if it had been a white cantidate that had been elected. Pat Buchanan calls Obama a “drug dealer of welfare”: [youtube] [/youtube] He insults Obama by calling him a “drug dealer of welfare”, yet nobody had any objectionsof this kind when President Bush expanded the welfare system significantly in 2002. John Sununu and Newt Gingrich calling Obama lazy, implying that all he… Read more »


    It was the vice-President who said he was clean and articulate. The Senate majority leader who said he had no negro dialect unless he wanted one. It was a former Democratic President who said that just a few years ago Obama would be carrying their bags. There is plenty of racism in politics and for the last 150 plus years the vast majority of it comes from the Democratic party. You, know, the party of the Confederacy, Jim Crow, the KKK, segregation, water hoses directed against peaceful protestors, etc.


    It’s well known that the left is sending nutcases to republican get-togethers?

    Is that an anecdote or do you have a link, perhaps?


    More dumbasses, using their real names.



    I’m inclined to not believe this is legit.


    You must not be in or near America.




    Come on, it’s called The White House because I’m a bigoted racist faggot!


    Actually it’s called the white house because some dirty Canadians lit it on fire, and white paint was used to cover up the crunchy bits.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    we’re gonna do it agin anyway, assholes

    oh and that’s your 2nd white house. we lit that first fucker up so bad it burned to nothing. did they alter your history books to say we just charred the one? lol


    True, an army of English guys who were stationed from Canada, during the War of 1812, burned the White House down. But you didn’t win the war. You may have noticed that the White House was since rebuilt, and that the USA exists. Look up the Battle of New Orleans, during that war. Our history books haven’t covered up a thing. Did yours fail to mention that a hurricane hit the east coast shortly after that British Army burned the White House, wiping out whole columns of men? I’m sure YOURS did.

    UK 0-2 USA 😛


    Looks like this one is either fake or a plant, but a lot of assholes do subscribe to this, and they are more vocal than the typical fringe that embraces ridiculous beliefs.


    …but he’s not a racist!


    Racists exists on both sides of politics. What I find funny is the left only seems to notice when a conservative does it. Have any of you checked out the disgusting racist comments on Twitter towards black Americans who are conservative? I doubt it.


    Was that a reply to me?

    I don’t care what side a racist is on, but at least the republicans aren’t ashamed of their point of view.

    More (white) power to them!


    May just be the bored internet user in me, but the way the neck meets the back of the bald head screams photoshop to my eyes.

    Shirt means nothing to me. Racism has not been an uncommon element of politics. Racist have not been an uncommon block of voters. Most people don’t need color as an excuse to dismiss or deride.


    Getty images isn’t exactly known for photoshoping images and then releasing them with the photog’s name attached. And as a news photographer if he faked it his career is over, so I doubt he did that either.

    Actually, these were rather common a while ago on Zazzle with Sarah Palin’s picture on them. And remember the “don’t re-nig in 2012” bumper stickers that went around?

    Nothing new here – its just surprising anyone notices.


    Isnt Obama half white? Why does every one keep saying he a black man, hes not!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The black panthers have cheered Obama’s name while calling on for rape and mass genocide of white people but this gets you upset?

    fu-cking sheep


    Did you hear about the press release from the Black Panthers the other day?

    They changed their position. Now they only want to rape you.

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