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    So that’s what it’s called…


    I thought it was called tantric.


    That’s not exactly what tantric means, no. I’m not sure that edging means that either. Note to whomever created this–you actually have to get a significant number of people to accept this terminology before it becomes a slang, much less a definition. That, plus the fact that you’re site/blog/whatever is ‘words from the edge,’ and the fact that you don’t know how to express a ‘d’ in a pronunciation guide tells me that you didn’t put much thought into this.


    i do it so fuck you professor hoity toity

    tiki god

    you pronounce “edge” as “ed-je”? I’ve always heard it as “eje” with the d being silent.


    I’ve heard of edging long before this, so I would agree that this is what it means. :S


    That happens to me whenever I think about Demon….


    it’s also described by aleister crowley as being the way to achieve nirvana… or the way to Mors Justi, depending on which direction you decide to take…


    I thought it was called Life.

    Dyon 86

    ok … so can you now give a detailed description of how you do this Demon????

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