Forums are less shitty right now; plus, return of the top 10 page and tags on all submitted posts!

Howdy bitches: I’ve cleaned up the forums a little bit from the friggin spam, going to try to figure out a moderation system, I’m thinking that the same moderators for the (future) mcs will also have some forum stuff to do as well.

Part of my “get off my ass” process has also been to re-add the “top ten” page, which includes some rather interesting stuff on it.

I’ve also added a tag cloud to every single page so you can click on tags.

And the last item is also tag related, all submitted posts require a tag of some sort, with a list of suggested / top used tags.

So other then these awesome things, how’s your night going? I picked up Volume 8 of the Walking Dead, haven’t started it yet, but golly it looks good.

Also, I bought the first two trades of Super Dinosaur, written by the same guy, but it’s not walking zombie people, it’s a dinosaur in an exoskeleton:

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    ….that’s a nice raptor you got…….I DEMAND MOD POWERS THAT I CAN ABUSE

    Karatesaurus Rex

    I approve this photo…

    Kik Dogg

    Top forum post: “clean, Always if you want it killed in addition shattered in the long term! You can find possibilities, Might be good, And kind of solutions, That are classified as just not! First, Hasty to our neighborhood sports gather to buy a limitation conform; Until this point helps to maintain the design furthermore style the skiing level, Because if it ended replacement coupled with completely new from local store. or, space jam 11 Any and all sale paper product using a dimension comparable to the kung fu limitation, In addition, which can commonly effortlessly fit included in cool… Read more »


    People still use the forums? How quaint.


    He’s got tiny arms.


    oh, i just noticed the arms and the joysticks


    Still sleeping on the couch I see. That’s probably bad (sign), but it gets shit done (here), so it’s kind of good.


    if you like kirkman, walking dead and super dinosaur, you should probably check out invincible. good stuff.

    tiki god

    well, duh.


    None of this would happen if casemods was here.


    i assume casemods is behind it until proven otherwise