The new bug in my yard.

2012-09-26-16.22.24.jpg (1 MB)

2012-09-26-16.24.14.jpg (1 MB)

A Golden Orb Weaver has take up residence in my yard and after a few weeks, she made an egg sac. I read that they’ll hatch in the spring? So I’m gonna take it inside after she dies and it begins to get cold. I love spiders because I hate most bugs.

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    great idea. it will hatch while you sleep and hundreds of tiny spiderlings will fill your nasal passages and ear canals and feast on your brain and eyes.

    Kik Dogg

    With fire it must be killed


    I second the motion to use fire.


    I’m pretty sure you don’t want a bunch of spiderlings in your house when that thing hatches. I read somewhere that they make little web parachutes and float on the wind to new places.

    Aquaman is right, those places will be your eyes and brain.

    He should know, he can talk to fish.


    I agree with your sentiment, but I still don’t suggest putting it in your house.

    Perhaps a well protected area on a porch or something covered like a shed or garage?


    I agree.
    Those eggsacks are made to survive the winter outside, aren’t they?
    And I’m not sure but I think it could be harmful if the eggs get too warm too soon. Porch or something similar could help, but it shouldn’t really be necessary.


    I think he wants to protect it from predators – such as those insects he doesn’t care for.


    Yeah, that’s really nice of you, but please be careful. Here’s some suggested reading.


    Useful link. So the porch wouldn’t be too great a help. They can’t spread and will fall to other predators.
    Side note: One of those Pholcus spiders in our kitchen killed an “invading” spider at least twice it’s size. Those guys are spooking me out o_O




    Oh, what a beautiful specimen! I love these little fellas so much, and I really don’t get why so many people fear and hate them.


    Damn skippy. <3 Spiders are awesome.


    Have you considered shoving that ugly piece of shit up your stupid ass? That would keep it warm and it would kill you so it’s a double whammy of should happen.


    napalm, it’s your only hope


    That’s really nice of you, but please be careful.i


    I love argiopes! They are awesome spiders. Don’t take the sack inside, the warmth of the house will cause the spiderlings to hatch early and you will end up with them all over the house. I normally take the sacks and put them in my large cactus plant shielded by the spikes, but any sheltered place is good.


    Also they are not deadly or dangerous. They can bite, but rarely do so unless REALLY harassed or hurt. They primarily will BOUNCE the web quickly to make themselves look bigger and scare off anything that tries to eat them.


    Leave it where it is. She knows what she’s doing.