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    Whatever causeheads. If Romney doesn’t win America will crumble. If Romney wins you’ll bitch so much everyone will wish half of America would fucking die.

    Romney 2012. Unless you’re a fucking idiot.


    I don’t know about that but what I do know is that all this goddamned minorities need to go back the shit hole country they are from.


    Aren’t you Mexican?


    I agree, give it all back to the Native Americans. Everyone else needs to leave.


    Ya the noble natives. Hey why don’t you go visit a res? Stay the night.
    Never be heard from again because ‘natives’ are animals. Only ignorant white people who’ve never been to a res say otherwise.


    Congratulations, that is one of the most racist, ignorant things I’ve ever seen in type. I wonder how your ancestors would have managed under the same circumstances the Native Americans endured?

    If your comment is any indication of the wisdom of your bloodline, they would be long extinct.


    truth. come arizona you fucking liberal pieces of shit. go visit a res. may science have mercy on your dead fucking body. also, if you’re so self righteous then go ahead, be the first one to get the fuck out of america and give it back to the natives. set by example you hypocritical piece of trash.


    It would seem someone with such venom towards minorities and Native Americans would want to distance themselves from the peoples he seemingly hates. So first boat out is yours.

    I’m not projecting any negative traits on Native Americans but what exactly did someone of Native American decent do to you to infuse you with such negative feelings toward, seemingly all, Native Americans? Did they take your iPad? Or maybe your tricycle when you were younger? Wait, I’ve got it. Your woman broke it off with you when she saw how much of a bigot you are. Then she started dating a Native American. Please let us know and start the healing process.


    Simple question: Is it wise to pay more in taxes than you are legally required?


    No, it’s stupid to give the government any money you don’t have to. Do we need to change the way taxes are collected and the way they are spent? Yes.


    I think this is about Romney overpaying his 2011 taxes by claiming nearly $2 million less in deductions than he could have to get his tax rate up above 13% – despite the fact that he had said:

    “I don’t pay more taxes than are legally due and frankly if I had paid more than are legally due I don’t think I’d be qualified to become president”


    Correct. He created a false scenario to make himself look better to the voters. Some have stated if he took the full deduction his tax rate would have fallen betwen 11% and 12%. The key facet of this is that after the elections, he can go back and append his tax return, take the full deduction and pay even less taxes for 2011. So why would a man whose entire life has been to make as much money as possible, give the US treasury more money than necessary (at least temporarily). To make it appear he is something he is not!

    He also altered tax returns in the past so that he could run for govenor. Initially, they read he lived in Utah. Then they were changed to have him in Massachusettes.


    Hay guys! Did anyone notice that both their logos are red white and blue?


    Most people I know are too stupid to vote. If you think America is going to completely change because of one man you are wrong. You are still going to have your shitty fast food job same shitty house. Obama screwed up in office,broke all his first campaign promises and now saying the same crap. Romney is not going to change much, I think it is true, he really does not care about the poor, but you know what? Neither does Obama. What they both care about is this country because our economy effects both of them rich and more rich.

    As for the Native Americans comment, go back to the hole of ignorance you crawled out of. Like it or not the “white man” built this country, we didn’t just steal it and kick them out of skyscrapers.


    So your point is the skyscrapers were built after it was stolen?


    I think his point the country was built on the land that was taken during a war.

    They lost. A long ass time ago. If they’d like to pick the whole thing up again and see how well they do I’m sure that option can be entertained.

    They we won’t have to put up with their bullshit at all (after we kill…well all of them).


    Which war was this? The one where we bought Manhattan? Yes, there were battles, but it’s a LOT more complicated then ‘they lost it in a war’.
    The was with Mexico cost Mexico some land, but we bartered and basically occupied land we wanted. The Louisiana purchase was actually our largest single land acquisition (not counting buying Alaska from Russia, as that was much later). The problem is that we pushed people off their land when we ‘bought’ it from whomever. Winning land in a war isn’t really a good way to do it either. If that were the case, I’d like to welcome the new states of Iraq and Afghanistan. I’d hold off on changing the flag though, since we’ll probably be adding Iran soon.


    If most of the people you know are too stupid to vote, what have you done to enlighten them? Personally, most of the people I know are smart enough to educate themselves concerning all candidates and then vote their conscience. They are not tied down to voting for the party, they vote for the candidate with the best policies for now and going forward. Since these same people could always run for higher office in the future, this is the best alternative. Contact these stupid people and send them some links to educate themselves instead of just complaining about their stupidity.

    As far as anyone thinking they’re automatically going to get a better job, house or raise, just because a new politician takes office, they’re delusional. Each individual makes the best of the current situation at hand regardless of current leadership. If you’re not doing that, it is on you.

    Name one politician that doesn’t break at least one campaign promise. After Bush eliminated the Clinton surplus, then created a huge deficit, more than Obama has added since, he left this country in a huge hole. There is also video tape footage of key Republican politicians stating how their job was to deny Obama a second term. So they block many programs that would have helped this country, including some jobs bills.

    You say Romney won’t change much, but since he hasn’t stated what he would do specifically no one knows. His entire profession is based on making money, not on running companies. His Massachusetts governor experience left the state with higher taxes, debt and unemployment trailing the rest of the country on every level.

    So stealing the country, putting the Native Americans on reservations and keeping them oppressed for decades so that they couldn’t prosper and build their own skyscrapers is your idea of honorable and noble? I think you are the one that resides in a very deep, very dark hole of ignorance.


    “Just think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider!” – George Carlin – political expert.


    Stupidity is a virus and it is mutating, getting worse. Just think how one act of stupidity provokes another, even more stupid act. The cycle could go one forever.


    Stupidity is an artificial concept, a judgement of one being over another. It’s relative, what one person thinks is stupid another might think is brilliant.

    So there has always been and always will be stupidity, but whether it is getting worse or not depends on where you fit on the scale.

    Often the stupidest person is the one who thinks everyone else is stupid.


    I think most would agree that saying

    “I don’t pay more than are legally due and frankly if I had paid more than are legally due I don’t think I’d be qualified to become president. I’d think people would want me to follow the law and pay only what the tax code requires.”

    Then not taking his full legal deduction, thereby paying more in taxes than legally due is pretty stupid.


    Massive immigration needs to come to a stop period. When settlers first came to America it was not over populated and a starving entity. America is not doing well right now, hasn’t been for years. We do not have enough jobs and our school systems are over crowded. We have people pooring in from the border and working under the table rates no American can live off of. This in return takes potential jobs away from Americans while paying no taxes which hurts our government and their kids go to our school and add to the over crowding. Would at least show some kind of respect if they at least learned to speak English.


    I bet you just learned all those racist talking points and think nobody has heard them before.


    Poor ignorant child does not know what racism is. Keep being that ignorant person who calls everything racist. I bet you blame all your failures on the white man.


    I blame myself for my failures.

    What, have you gone around blaming oth… Oooh!


    “Magnus never posts anon” – keep telling yourself that.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Holy shit, gayfag obsess much? Take your weird closet crush back to the boy bar, Bruce. I haven’t been on this site but I check and see a post about Obumfuck the worst president in history and whammy there’s ol’saint liberalce the small town atheist poser cause head out to annoy the fuck out of everyone with his stupid bullshit whining as usual. You are a consistent failure. Fuck off and find some friends for Christs sake.


    i don’t know why you are all responding to replies by anonymous cowards who either can’t or won’t log in and reveal their identities… 😐


    Knowing identities doesn’t change the ideas being discussed. If you want to join the dialog and express yourself, feel free. No one cares who you are. That is the beauty of free speech and the internet.

    Since the internet is saturated with people, some representing themselves truthfully, other completely misrepresenting themselves and constructing false persona. So even if we were logged in or revealed our identities, you would have no way to know if it is authentic, and the ideas would still be the same. For instance, is you name really PRZXQGL, I doubt it, but I don’t care.

    Now here comes the comment; “Says the anonymous poster!”

    anonymous coward

    I fucked your mom.


    Thank you for solidifying my points. Your trivial insult would be just as meaningless if we knew your identity.


    actually, my name is PRZXQGL… and since you’re so smart, i’ll let you figure out how it’s pronounced. hint: it’s not pronounced PRZXQGL…


    So what you’re saying is don’t vote for the guy that earned a lot of money in the private sector…vote for the guy who created 6 trillion in new debt and sits on the largest debt ever in the history of the US? You make sense. Obama. Worst. President. Ever.


    Earning money in the private sector does not qualify you to run a country. If Romney does to the USA what he did to Massachusettes, we’ll have higher taxes, more debt and lower standing in the world.

    You may want to check Bush’s debt that was in place before Obama to office. And how much the surplus was that Clinton left behind and Bush burned through. Then factor in how much of the debt increase under Obama is interest on what Bush left behind.

    You don’t make sense.


    Great to hear from a Brit! So glad to hear you’re insight into our inner workings from afar! Now go ahead and sit back down and shut up. If you look at actuarials of the last decade’s spending noone will disagree that two unfunded wars were a mess. I hate all of Afghanistan and Iraq. I’m an ultraconservative and feel the following: I hate all of you that live in the middle east. Let’s be clear. We’re not after your oil. We’re after stability. But you’ve proven that’s impossible so you know what? Good luck. Noone cares anymore. But the numbers don’t lie. Despite Bush’s unfunded wars and spending through Clinton he only blew threw 5. In 8 years. Obama blew 6. In 3. So where does that leave Romney? Waaaaaayyyyy in the lead. Because all he plans is cuts in spending and tax cuts. He’ll be a bigger hero than Clinton ever dreamed of being.


    Interesting theory. Here’s a retort my good man: assuming you are even being half truthful in your boast…you are entirely too qualified to be on this site and I say to you good day.

    I. Said. Good. Day.


    This Brit just handed you your ass and the best retort you can come up with is “Shut Up” and a barrage of bigoted views. How many people from Afghanistan, Iraq or the Middle East have you interacted with to make the statement you hate them all? Did you mean you hate the fanatical factions? If you did, then you agree with most people from Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East.

    How can Romney be way ahead if he hasn’t even stated specifics of his plans or been president yet? He’s changed his mind on issues so many times, it’s a joke. And it’s all documented on video, this isn’t some liberal media conspiracy. His foreign policy speech on 10/8/2012 contradicted his statements of the 47% video. Specifically his views on Palistine. Also, every independent analysis of his budget plans, show the numbers not adding up.

    Listen to the Brit you’ll learn something.

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