Explaining Dr. Who

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    Luke Magnifico

    NuWho was best with Eccleston. 10 and 11 are too goofy, he’s a goddamn 1000 year old alien time traveller who wiped out 2 entire civilisations including his own to save the universe, not some gimmicky hipster.


    Muthafuckin’ WORD!


    I forgot liking a popular TV show makes you a “nerd”.


    Imma let you finish, But Tom Baker was the best doctor ever


    Nerd girls don’t have “Fantasy Baseball Teams”. Really now.


    …and how to describe it to someone with some intelligence and taste…its basically shit

    Dyon 86

    haha f’ing hilarious, really liked that!!


    explain Dr. Who to your parents…I think they meant to say “Remember when you watched Dr. Who? It’s like that…but with CG” Dr. Who has been around forever bitches! It’s not “New” or “Trendy”…it’s the longest running Sci-fi series.

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