Plain Packaging, Plain Stupid

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Smokers will just buy even prettier cigarette cases in order to tell each other’s packs apart at a glance… plain packaging is a joke and a waste of taxpayer money…

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    Luke Magnifico

    So they are so sure that tobacco will definitely 100% lead to serious health problems that cigarette companies must explicitly and grotesquely state it on the box, and it stays on sale, but the best they can do for weed is “the potential health risks of marijuana are debated” and it’s totally illegal?

    Many frowns, many many frowns.


    The problem with weed is it’s easy to grow in your backyard or on a balcony, so it’s almost impossible to tax. The gov doesn’t care if you die as long as they get their cut.


    It is easy to grow tobacco to, it just is not popular due to the lack of a “high”


    Here’s a simpler solution. Mandate radically higher levels of carcinogens. Put a warning on the box in 6 point font that states you’re guaranteed to get cancer in less than a year. I’d be happy with that.


    “Attention:This product contains fissile material.”I like that!


    The people behind this idea obviously understand nothing about cigarettes or addiction in general. They could put a real-life recreation of a Cannibal Corpse album cover on the pack, and I’d still buy them, because I’m a slave to this bloody monkey that I can’t seem to get off my back. People who think that something as simple as changing the packaging could stop people from smoking are morons.


    Silverwolf I think the idea is to keep people from starting with this packaging.
    Currently the number 1 reason people are giving up smoking is that its too expensive, not because of health risks.


    Aaaaand I totally missed out on that in my blind rage. My bad.


    The labels aren’t to _inform_ you that smoking is going to give you cancer. You know that. They know that. They stand to ensure that you have full unavoidable and undeniable knowledge that you will get cancer and are therefore accountable for your decision to smoke. You can’t pull some “I didn’t know” bullshit and attack Tobacco company profits or taxpayer dollars for your medical bills.

    In short, while the words on the label may say “smoking causes cancer” the message is “go to hell and pay for your own damn cancer treatment.”

    Good for them.


    The graphic images are probably targeting non-smokers that consider starting. We all know addicts don’t give a damn about adverse effects to their habit.


    Presumably they will see a pack between their first cigarette and addiction. I mean, the chances are pretty high.


    You guys understand very little about marketing. It has very little to make smoking appear less cool to new smokers (ie teenagers). It has everything to do with destroying the brands themselves. It means cigarette companies have almost fuck all chance of making their brand seem different from any other. If a smoker wants to try a new brand. they have to just pick another random ass green box and have a go. That crushes the whole idea of market share or brand recognition – the whole point of marketing. It is actually a pretty smart way of kicking big… Read more »


    Good point! Although, if I had to guess I’d say it was not some calculated plan to destroy brands, but rather concerned parents and politicians wanting to warn/scare people.

    You are probably right that the effect of this campaign destroys brands, though.


    Except it violates the freedom of speech of the tobacco companies, and it forces me, in public to be exposed to images so graphic they would require an R rating…I find this unacceptable on both counts, and I do not smoke.


    How does it violate their freedom of speech?

    R-rated stuff require you to be an adult to buy them, right?


    I enjoy the smooth refined taste of eviscerated lung(TM) brand, not that common gum disease(TM) brand they smoke in central US.

    Seriously though, the teen smoker demographic has changed from being cool to being a pathetic attention whore.


    Whatever your views, this is one confusing & poorly-done infographic.
    Take a cigarette break and try again.


    Coffee is bad for you too and causes more than 1 type of cancer. Coffee has carcinogens. Red meat as well. Once tobacco is outlawed the same people who bitch for a living about it will move on to restricting something else. This has less to do with health risks and more to do with mentally ill people being treated as if they’re not. Who the fuck gets so mad that someone else does something that they devote their lives to whining about it? Oh wait…those God hates fags people. Maybe anti tobacco and those idiots should join forces? They… Read more »


    I can understand people being pissed at smokers when they take more breaks than their colleagues and stink everywhere they go. I’d be especially pissed if I were allergic to smoke.

    Basically some smokers are the equivalent of lazy people with B.O.


    They keep saying smoking gives you cancer, but can they actually prove it? I’m not talking circumstantial evidence, I mean rock solid evidence. This is anoth stab at smokers by these anti-smoking nazi bigots. What a lot of people don’t seem to realise is that this is a form of discrimination. They wouldn’t get away with it if they targetted gays, muslims or some other minority or cult, so why smokers? Did you know Adolf Hitler was an anti smoker……..Ironic that he was defeated by a Cigar smokers isn’t it!