The Difference

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    One is black


    Well half black.


    Well, more of a brown, really.


    He’s a Mexican? He should play that up more to the Latinos –


    Hi, I’m Mitt Romney, I’m a first generation immigrant who has had the luxury to live the American dream… now that I am here, I want to close the borders off to those filthy Mexicans below. Urgh! Mexicans! Can you imagine having family from there?


    Hi, I’m Barack Obama, I’m a first generation immigrant who has had the luxury to live the American dream… now that I am here, I want to close the borders off to those filthy Mexicans below. Urgh! Mexicans! Can you imagine having family from there?


    Obama is going to win the next election.
    Romney is not.



    Obama has never implied that my retired Grandmother is a freeloader because she doesn’t pay Federal Income tax.

    Obama has 347 electoral votes, Romney has 191
    Obama has a 49% approval rating, Romney 43%
    (BTW – WBush has a 46% approval, people actually like him better than Mitt)


    How can Romney have a comparable approval rating? Do you mean as the Governor of Massachusetts? They just vote directly for office so the votes he got is all the ratings you need…

    Besides, approval ratings are a joke: See here how you get a 97% ebay approval rating:
    And that’s when you actually have some way of measuring performance.
    For management positions you might as well toss a coin. Profitable? Could be on long-term expense. Popular? Pushable.
    If people could determine who is or even was a good leader than we wouldn’t end up where we are now.


    It was a national poll by Bloomberg news, they surveyed 1,007 people at random by telephone with several questions, one of which was: “Now, I’m going to mention some people and groups in the news recently. For each, please tell me if your feelings are very favorable, mostly favorable, mostly unfavorable, or very unfavorable. If you don’t know enough to answer, just say so.” Responses were weighted by race, education, and marital status to reflect the general population based on recent census data. The survey was to determine people’s overall opinion of the subject, not to evaluate if they would… Read more »


    1,000 people doesn’t seem like a big enough group to rate 200 million + citizens.


    Pretty typical for political studies, actually. Remember, they’re likely going to have to do it again in a week or two after the debates, and it gets expensive.


    what is this?

    a boring pro Obama post from you in a politics thread on MCS?

    do my eyes deceive?



    Can you supply a cite or reference for that allegation?


    Every post on here related to politics since you’re stupid annoying ass started spamming liberal bullshit. Fuckoff already nobody likes you.


    does a handle and a little square picture of anything really mean that much to you?

    priorities, loser. get some


    I think we’ve already seen the effects of libertarianism on the country. No thanks, I think I’ll pass.




    I don’t think we have had real liberalism at any point in modern times.

    Otherwise I would cite the torrent of deregulation since the 90’s. That worked out just dandy.


    The funny thing is we are living in a libertarian world. The way things are now is the end result of libertarian policies.

    It may be hard to see, because things don’t look like what libertarians assume a libertarian society would be, but that’s because the core of libertarianism is based of a short sighted assumption.

    Funny how you keep bringing up that red herring about liberalism.

    you say that now


    One has a god that hated black people until the 80’s.


    And one went to a church for twenty years and listed to a preacher who hates white people even now.


    Anyone who doesn’t see Obama is a white hating bigot is blind.


    All these posts, and a single person is pointing out a single difference, because there isn’t an appreciable one.


    Not that we don’t want to… but seeing that this isn’t a political blog site and there are plenty of those to keep us busy, especially now during the heat of the heat of the election season. Some of us come here to “get away from all that”… and we’ve seen enough discussions here or lack thereof to be well aware that most of those are simply here to troll and take the mickey out of anyone making any reasonable comment. Usually leaving no room for reasonable rhetoric argument, lateral discussion/thinking or in-depth political-science meaningful discussions. Conclusion: some of us… Read more »


    Don’t be a fag, post something that matters.