Son, That Ain’t No Tree!

logging-in-the-Redwood-Forests-of-California1.jpg (194 KB)

logging-in-the-Redwood-Forests-of-California2.jpg (229 KB)

logging-in-the-Redwood-Forests-of-California3.jpg (126 KB)


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    Sadly, no Ewoks were harmed.


    It should be a crime to kill something this old and majestic.


    I think it is nowadays.


    Everything dies of something eventually. So rather than being killed by Lightening and/or Insects (which is what does in most full growth Redwoods)and rotting. These instead were cut down to be turned into buildings or other structures or ships or barges or whatever. Are you telling me that you use nothing made of wood?


    Of course not. Stop trying to pick a fight. I’m saying we’ve cut down enough and should spend the next 100 years replanting and recycling. We have enough, we just need to be smarter about how we fuck the planet before we end up fucking ourselves. We aren’t going to destroy the planet, that’s absurd. This isn’t Star Trek… We are going to destroy our ability to live on it. By your logic, we should kill everything possible, since it’s going to die anyway? No, we need to live smarter. Trees are more important to us that paper. Now, I’m not a bleeding-heart liberal or wtf ever, and I’m not a tree-hugger. But a lot of the shit we do as humans is deplorable. Especially to one anther, much less the planet/environment.


    Fuck. *than paper


    By your logic, I should be allowed to kill you. Since you’ll die someday anyway.


    This what happens when you conquer a sparsely populated country who’s older residents had a respect for the environment. Never again will such photos ever be possible.


    Too bad that last one is a rock.


    how dare they cut down that rock in its prime! it took billions of years for it to get like that! and I bet they didn’t even replant.


    Must feel good killing something older than Christ. Almost as good as killing Christ.

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