odd that the word atheist even exists

odd that the word atheist even exists

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    I’m an atheist and I consider that awfully naive. First off the word “atheist” (like monotheist) was meant to refer to the amount of gods a person worshiped, not the amount of gods they believed in. Back then everyone believed everyone else’s gods existed (notice the in Bible god says that he’ll “punish the gods of Egypt” during Exodus), they just choose to worship (or not to worship) a certain number of them. And in today’s world, the word “atheist” essentially means “one who believes that nothing that happens in the universe requires postulating the existence of a god to… Read more »


    But a scientist did explore the theory we are living in a simulation…



    I mean professor.


    (notice the in Bible God says that he’ll “punish the gods of Egypt” during Exodus)



    Atheist believe there is no creator,therefore they have a belief.


    I don’t see any reason why Atheists can’t get together and discuss the issues that relate to Atheism. You could serve beer.


    I hear they serve beer in hell.


    And how would that fit in with the “eternal suffering” theme?

    Do they have Buffalo wings and NFL, too?


    Its shitty American beer, plus it is warm and flat. If that’s not hell then it doesn’t exist.


    I think thats antitheist, or something like that.
    Atheists (at least in theory) shouldn’t give a shit about God\god(s), at all.


    atheists are just as fucking moronic as any one of the religious groups. get a fucking life.


    Most atheists don’t spend any time dwelling on their atheism or religion, they just grew up in a religion-free environment and it never was an issue. In what way is this moronic, and why would this necessitate ‘getting a life’.


    You don’t know me.


    Hard to get a life when you have no
    concern for what it means. Must be a
    sad existence. DNA put to rest any
    question about a creator for me.


    They’re SO much worse.

    athiest exists as a familiar word now because stupid people like getting attention

    do a poll on how many “athiests” own Apple products. it’s gotta be at least 95%

    it’s just a type of person. a very weak and needy person with nothing to offer and an internet connection


    You can most assuredly get in a room and talk about how you don’t do a thing. I talk about things I don’t do all the fucking time.


    NGT would have a point if 85% of the world population played golf. If that many people played golf every Sunday it would be useful to have a word for non-golf players.

    fracked again

    And if the golfers actively discriminated against non-golfers and attempted to appropriate tax money for the upkeep, building of and funding of golf courses. Add on attempts to push golf into schools, with death threats made against those that point out that the state cannot force people to golf and you might get close.


    Better start hiding your IP before a Moslem kills you.


    Jack Nicklaus was not the Prophet. I denigrate him, and am in the process of creating a film entitled “The Innocence of Golfers”, where an actor will portray him and his image will be broadcast hither and yon.


    I don’t believe in athiests. I still just call them nerds.