fuck the poor

fuck the poor

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    The best way to make Republicans look bad is to make shit up about them like this. The best way to make a Democrat look bad is to accurately quote them.


    You should go listen to some of the things Romney has said in the last few weeks. It’s pretty god damn horrible.


    The best part of Romney’s campaign is that no one needs to make shit up. There is enough video evidence of he himself saying the things that will lose him the election. Constantly changing his view points, out and out false information and utter stupidity. Have you heard his latest on how he doesn’t know why windows in aircraft don’t roll down. Did you see the footage of him stating if he paid more taxes then was due, he wouldn’t be a good presidential candidate. Then the recently release 2011 tax return shows him paying more taxes than he needed… Read more »


    The saddest part about this isnt that someone would make this kind of shit up, but that most of the knuckle dragging, mouth breathing neanderthals that visit this site actually not only believe this shit, but eat it for breakfast.


    As one of the knuckle dragging, mouth breathing neanderthals that visit this site, I wish it known that I usually eat Raisin Bran for breakfast.

    Another conservative voices his opinion of the 47%


    Republican – The girlfriend who openly cheats on you and plays mind games to keep you around. She tells you she’s fucking her rich ex but insists its your fault.

    Democrats – The girlfriend you think is cheating on you, but is classy (or maybe sneaky enough) to keep up appearances.

    Pick your poison.


    Obvious troll is obvious


    Why does Romney hate the poor again?


    I don’t think the idea is that he hates the poor so much as, as he said – “my job is not to worry about those people”


    Someone needs to shove a silver spoon up Mitt’s ass.


    John Kerry is 3 times wealthier than Romney and you probably sucked his dick when he was running so stfu


    Interesting –
    “Every piece of media paints rich white men as servants of the devil”

    “John Kerry is 3 times wealthier than Romney and you probably sucked his dick when he was running”

    So wouldn’t Kerry have been an even bigger devil? Or does that only apply to Republicans?


    Question for the people slobbering over all this crap: Do you hate Romney or were you just poised to hate whoever was run against Obama? I mean did you even know who Romney was this time last year? No you didn’t. I can’t help but lose respect for people so easily controlled. You don’t hate Republicans. You don’t even hate what they stand for. You hate them because you’ve been told what they stand for and the wording was chosen to properly illicit a response from you when prompted. It’s practically hypnotism. Every piece of media paints rich white men… Read more »


    Dude seriously, lay off the Kool Aid, sober up and look in the mirror. You’re projecting your own brainwashing onto the ones you’ve been brainwashed against. What has Hollywood done against him?
    What flavor Kool Aid do they use for you folk?


    “He hasn’t messed up once”

    ROFL – just tell that to David Cameron!


    Much like the Romney/Ryan campaign, this comment makes many claims but is largely fact-free.