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What was she serving?


Halliburton’s interests.


Medical help


How’s your foot taste?


I like your context-less, wartime photo. But that doesn’t change my point as I’m sure that civilian would not be receiving (maybe wouldn’t even need) her “medical help” if we weren’t duped into being there in the first place.




How sweet that she misses her daughter after voluntarily leaving her for 7 months. What a great photo-op and human interest story. Seriously. Not being sarcastic here. This is so touching.



The best thing you can do for humanity is suicide.


You don’t have to like the wars, but don’t pick on the soldiers doing their jobs. There are plenty of them that think they shouldn’t be there either.
Right now what your doing is the internet equivalent of protesting at soldiers funerals.


I’m not “picking” on anyone. As much of a farce as Iraq was, a death is a death, and one incurred in a needless war is nothing to be made fun of. It reflects a terrible state of affairs for friends, family and our Union.

That being said, she willfully chose a profession where she would be away from her family for extended periods of time. Her being a “soldier” makes this no more significant than if she were a “trucker”, “salesman”, or “professional cross-country hitchhiker”.


Do you have an issue with people having to be away for extended periods of time to provide for their families? You’ve mentioned it twice now.


I read the posts above and was struck by the sad fact that there will NEVER be a shortage of ASSHOLES.


Can you be more specifical?


You could’a just said she was serving up hot lead with a side of whoop ass. But instead you had to go and hurt my feelings. Who’s the asshole now? I’ll be crying in my room you stupid stupid!


That girls is so lucky that her mom is a professional killer.


More like a professional medic… which is really good too!


The best medicine on the battle field is superior firepower.

So yes, she is a professional killer. Or at least she had better be, if she isn’t she is a liability to those around her. War is her profession.

dumb alec

only armchair warriors think of any medic as liability whether they can be killbots or not

if you’re ever wounded please use a firearm to heal yourself


Not as lucky as you. Your mom is just a plain “professional” and my balls have never been cleaner. Bitch has a tongue like a cat.


How touching that she’s crying missing her child after volunteering to a WAR killing other children. FUCK you bitch. Fuck you anyone who has shared this pic with praise. WhattheHELL.


At least she served her country unlike 99% of females.


Oh fuck off, theres nothing even remotely manly about you


As always, hurt feelings, but no rebuttal. I remain correct.