jewish scriptures describingg non-jews as animals

jewish scriptures describingg non-jews as animals

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    Let’s see…Christian intolerace: check
    Muslim intolerance: check
    Jewish intolerance: check

    Next up: Buddhist declare that non-Buddhists everywhere will be reincarnated as horseshoe crabs.


    Buddhists have been involved in warfare just as much as any other group; Religious or otherwise. BTW, Defamation was only made illegal in 17th century England. Even then, It took some time for the idea to spread. Right up until WW2 it was considered completely normal to make crazy shit up on the competition. Politicization would accuse their rivals in every sin imaginable and doctors would blame other doctors in experimentation and sexual exploitation. Religious text would call the other all sorts of nasty things and so on… It’s just how stuff used to be before people got all litigious.… Read more »


    Could you cite some examples of Buddhists being “involved in warfare”? I’d especially like to hear about the ones where they beat, stone, torture or execute those who don’t respect their belief system.


    Sri Lanka called and said you should get your head out of your ass.


    How could you hear them over the sound of all the dick of mine that you’re sucking?



    I guess that means I must be wrong.


    “Get your head out of your ass” isn’t exactly edifying –although, okay, you got me to channel Magnus there for a moment… **shiver**

    How ’bout trying a cogent argument in an attempt to be right?


    LOL dude, you started this thread by being a jackass. Clean the sand out of your panties and move on.


    Actually, he started by asking a question – You were the one being a jackass. You could have just answered the question without the jerkwater comments.

    You asked for a fight, you got one. Don’t act so surprised.


    dwerp, I know this is is MCS and all and the default is to hate all mainstream religion and improper trigger discipline and so forth, but “Let’s see…Christian intolerace: check Muslim intolerance: check Jewish intolerance: check” IS JACKASS-ISH. by actual non-McS standards. I am so incredibly sick of the smugness of people whose belief systems are just as silly and arbitrary as everyone else’s. And I didn’t come for a fight. Hochunk obviously wants to bloviate about the relative merits and weaknesses of every religion except his own for awhile, or maybe wants to solve all religious schisms in the… Read more »


    read the whole thread, dwerp.


    The question still stands, once you’ve toweled off.


    Already answered. You want me to show you how to use google too?


    Looks like Magnus has himself a new proxy –


    No thank you, Jefty. You’ve already done such a good job showing everybody here the limits of your tolerance.
    “Google it”…so much for cogency.
    Enjoy the last word.


    There are some examples of Buddhists being involved in warfare, however they don’t seem to be the driving force. They helped Mongols for awhile and profited for it before helping push the Mongols out of China in the 14th century. They instructed Samurai in Japan, helping them in warfare. Nations that are predominantly Buddhist, including their leaders, have engaged in warfare but not typically for religious reasons. There are a few books on the subject, but surprisingly little free information I could find that did not feel biased in some way. Tibetan sects are known to have gone to war… Read more »


    Thank you for the thus far only sober response.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    There you go, dicksuck.

    Your precious hipster friendly monks attacking Christians for being Christians.

    But….but…you didn’t see it on The Daily Show? Wha? Have you….been eating up propaganda all along?

    noooo not you. You’re too smart! Right?




    This just in: old religious texts are stupid and offensive.


    Don’t know how true either of these is, I’m not a Talmudic scholar – but this does sound more like something the KKK would come up with than a bunch of Jewish Clerics –

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    ya cause jews never attacked anyone before…

    how fucking stupid are you?

    there is a world beyond the nothing town you’re stuck in, asshole


    Actually, I was talking about the fact that in the Jewish scripture I’ve read they rarely mention gentiles at all, and if they do it’s by tribe.

    Plus, Libbre David 37 doesn’t even exist. There is no such tractate in the Talmud. Makes you wonder about the rest, doesn’t it?

    And exactly what “nothing town” would that be that I’m “stuck in”, Magnus? You haven’t got a clue, have you? You’re just throwing insults out at random and hoping something will stick – It’s really lame.

    Really, you just make yourself look stupid, not me


    Of course that’s on a Freemason site, so take it or leave it.

    I do believe most of what’s in this image is fabricated or stretched from the original text.

    But yes, Jews have attacked people. No where did outlandersec say they didn’t either.


    recently the dalai lama (a buddhist monk) has gone on record as encouraging humanism and non-religious thinking…

    you can find numerous examples of one religion denigrating another, but it takes a special kind of religion to denigrate ALL religions…


    In Hebrew/Yiddish a non-Jew is a goy, one of the goyim. Goyim means “cattle”.


    The only references I can find on the Internet of goyim meaning cattle seem to come from antisemitic websites.


    Xemu never boiled anyone in semen.
    All hail XEMU!!!


    Nothing here is from the 39 books that are the Hebrew canon (Genesis – Malachi) ..Why is there not a source given, I wonder. This is too important a matter to expect that the viewer should take the word of the graphics creator’s on all this.


    That’s what the Jew wants you to think!

    *Cue X-Files music*


    Even if these citations were true (and none of them cite the Bible), what’s so spectacular about a religion being supremacist?

    what’s reprehensible is christians ACT ON IT: The Crusades, The Inquisition, The Holocaust.


    Also, muslims.