abandoned island

abandoned island

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    Which super villain built this?


    It reminds of the pirate island in The Life Aquatic, but without a beach.


    abandoned? dibbs!


    I’d live on that.


    Come the zombie apocalypse, this is where I’m headed.


    Don’t you know zombies can swim?


    Can’t they just float?


    Float, yes. Swim, no. This is where the post-zombie-apocalypse phrase “like sniping floating zombies from an island fortress” comes from.


    Why wouldn’t they be able to swim? They can run, they can walk. Why not swim?


    It’s a false assumption that zombies can’t swim. As proved in 1979’s Zombie Flesh Eaters where a zombie attacks and kills a shark.


    As I understand it, dead bodies float largely because of air in the lungs (don’t quote me on this as I don’t plan to murder people and dump them in rivers I never really looked in to it). I’m assuming zombies don’t breathe so they would sink, depending on the depth of the water they could walk underwater though.

    Luke Magnifico

    Bodies float mainly because of the central cavities filling up with gas as the tissue putrefies. A zombie would probably stay at the bottom for a while, then float to the top.


    That’s pretty terrifying.


    In the novel World War Z, they described hundreds if not thousands of zombies just walking out of the water onto beaches around the world. Great book.


    Ah, Hashima Island… Ex undersea coal mine. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hashima_Island


    And there are mines? hells yes, we will take it


    LOL we all know that “Zombie Apocalypse” is just code for “Black Uprising” which will likely happen if Obama wins again and actually gets the race war he is attempting to start in full swing. In which case this is a great location as most n*ggers can’t swim.


    Congratulations on your recovery from your labotomy. Your sentence structure is coming along very well.
    You may want to be aware of the potential for infection. Keeping your head firmly embedded in your @$$ isn’t a good idea with fresh sutures, not to mention the pressure it places on your skull.
    Now is this racism some after effect of the surgery or have you always been a ignorant racist @$$hole?


    Don’t worry, you can use swear-words here, motherfucker


    I try not to use profanity when dealing with people of limited mental skills, it tends to get them confused and agitated.
    And since he decided to try to thinly disguise his racism, I echo that in my reply.
    If you wish to use expletives in your post, knock yourself out. I’ll apply them when necessary, with precision.

    Luke Magnifico

    But you did use it, you just spelled it with symbols that looked like the letters instead of the letters themselves. It still counts.


    As my contemporary, Luke, pointed out, you did in fact use swear words in your post. You just looked like a fucking dumb shit faggot six year old bitch faced cunt who likes to drink piss when you did it.

    However, I agree with your criticism of Mr. blaze81. He is a cocksucker to the degree at which all other cocksuckers will stop sucking cocks because of the incredible level of cocksuckery that douchewich has obtained through his immense butthurt and, of course, sucking and fucking of holy-fucking-shit-inspiring gigantic fucking dicks.


    Asshole is a swear word the way a BB is a bullet. So if that is your criteria, OK I used a swear word. However you missed the comment echoing his attempt to disguise his racism by writing n*ggers with disguising @$$hole.

    rsixidor I hope your Tourettes therapy is working, it is rare for it to translate forward when typing.


    Naggers can’t swim…?

    Moddy Cassem

    So how’s being “you” working out so far? From here it looks pretty sad; your thoughts?


    Lets set the record straight. I’d have a hard time calling myself a racist. I don’t hate Jews, Hispanics, Asians, Europeans, (Ok I don’t trust Muslims, but that’s not the same as hating), and I don’t hate all Blacks….just most of them. And it is not because of their skin color, and I don’t consider myself intellectually superior or better in any manner simply because I am white. I do however, hate the black culture with a passion. Any culture who worships thugs, criminals, drug dealers, and goes out of their way to not raise their children, to immerse themselves… Read more »


    Obvious troll is obvious –


    Hitler had a hard time calling himself a racist too. So did the leaders of the Confederacy. So your in great company there. Thug culture, while predominantly black, certainly isn’t exclusive to them. There are a lot, and I mean A LOT of white boys who think being a “gangsta” is where it’s at. FYI last guy who tried to start a race war was a white guy named Charles Manson.


    Way to back pedal and go nowhere. I don’t hate all Blacks just most of them. REALY!?
    The items you contribute to Black culture, exist in every culture. So you’re stating you hate most Blacks. So if you’re basing that on Blacks you have actually interacted with, that poses the question concerning the people you choose to deal with and your actions.
    Don’t dig yourself in any deeper.


    The whole place is condemned and dangerous….too bad, what a great location for a film…or my new build for a vacation spot !

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    It’s been open since 2008 I believe. You can go there.


    Once again the athiests get it all wrong. It isn’t the questioning God that gets the punishment. It isn’t even the doing wrong. It is refusing to accept that God is real and that he died for your sins that gets you sent to hell. Reply (UID# ) Well-loved. Like or Dislike: 7 2 September 20, 2012 at 9:56 am What I love about this impassioned plea is that you don’t refute the key problem that the poster is pointing out (i.e. loving Deity who has set up a way for you to be tortured forever), just the WAY that… Read more »


    Fuck head, I don’t think you know where you are.






    This thread grew the weirdest boner.