my virginity is safe up here

my virginity is safe up here

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    I’m pretty sure that he lost his virginity to some lucky guy a long time ago.


    That column doesn’t stop where you think it does. I think he’s losing his virginity in this picture.


    A young Pro_junior, this explains a lot. Pro you should embrace who you are and not hide behind dorky yellow sunglasses and camo hats. Be proud, Little Buddy.


    Having a head that’s 1.5 times the size of what the should look like might have something to do with it…


    My guess is this is not an actual photo shoot – he works for the photography studio and they’re doing a test for the backdrop and lighting to see if it would make a good “stock shot” to sell to the public.

    My hope is it failed the test.


    How could Internet fame possibly be seen as failure?


    Where’s the humor in that. This picture is like a perfect set in volleyball. Your wasting the opportunity if you don’t slam it back down their throat.