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    wishful thinking presented as “facts”


    You… really didn’t understand the post at all, did you? It’s not presented as facts (or “facts”), and it’s not wishful thinking.


    Romney pollster Neil Newhouse said “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.”
    Interesting.They said it themselves. It doesn’t matter if what they deliver as facts is true or not.


    It’s clear they aren’t kowtowing to the fact checkers – even Fox News said of the VP nomination acceptance speech –

    “Ryan’s speech was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech. On this measure, while it was Romney who ran the Olympics, Ryan earned the gold.”


    Voting down a direct quote from Romney’s very own pollster only further illustrates the blatant unwillingness to support truth in politics. Sorry if you don’t like what your guys are saying. It is unfortunate. Btw if you doubt the validity of the post, why don’t you do a little fact checking. I got the quote from FOX NEWS.


    Seems the conservatives don’t even believe Fox news anymore- or the dozens of other media outlets that reported the same thing –


    So Fox News is the one unbiased source of news for the Presidential election season. Good to know.


    That’s because the so-called “fact” checkers characterize something as less than truthful if it does not match their own prejudices. Like when Ryan was fact checked and the fact checker admitted that everything he said was truthful but because he didn’t discuss other events/information and Ryan’s interpretation of events did not match the fact checker’s bias his statement was given 2 pinocchio noses. 100% truthful, nothing false but labeled as misleading. Fact checkers are as full of crap as anyone else posting the “truth” on the internet.


    Care to provide a cite or a link for that? If a noted fact checker said that it should be big news – especially if it was a fact checker for a big media outlet like Fox

    John PAul

    and he’s still a better choice than the other guy.


    The debates are gonna be a bloodbath! Bet you that Mitt locks up and has to be rebooted.


    Well, it’s hard to have a debate with someone who only has to say “hopechange” to get thundering applause and cheers.


    giant douche or turd sandwich…

    also, “mittens”

    vote for Joe Walsh.


    >implying presidents are not the 1%


    Yeah, like Obama is a man of the people. Where’s the hate for this particular one-percenter, huh?


    Mitt Romney was born the son of a politically connected multimillionaire and onetime governor of Michigan.

    Barack Obama was born the son of two unemployed college students and raised by her parents, a Furniture salesman and his wife.

    If you really think the two are the same thing, you have reality issues.


    What, we’re making exceptions for self-made one-percenters now?


    Wouldn’t you say that someone who was brought up middle class and still has family who are middle class would have greater empathy for them than someone who was born wealthy and knows nothing of average people except as servants and staff?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Only if they’re niggers


    Dude, get with the program. We don’t hate people for what they do, we hate them for how much money they have.


    Isn’t that cute – Magnus said “nigger” because he thought that would offend people, and Luminary is trying to claim the only reason people want to vote against Romney is envy.

    Nicely done, gentlemen!


    The only reason? Hardly. But take a look at the image we’re discussing. Go on, I’ll wait here. Does it even mention his political views or his competence to run a country? Nope. It says: “Romney is rich. That makes him evil.”


    Let’s see:
    I see a reference to all the people who lost their jobs in Bain bankruptcies

    I see a claim that with better financial regulation those jobs might have been saved

    I see a reference to greed, but wealth is not greed

    I see a reference to selfishness, but again wealth is not selfishness – note Bill Gates, he’s wealthier than Romney and nobody is calling him selfish.

    I don’t see anything about “Romney is rich, that makes him evil” – I see “Romney is evil, and that’s what made him rich”

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Reply to outlansuckdick and he’ll just barf out the same liberal BS that’s already been smashed to pieces by reality.

    Bain was not Romney’s fault. He wasn’t even on the board when anything happened (same stuff that happened across America btw).

    It’s just desperate sheep aching to protect their brainwashing. He’s a typical moron who thinks he’s more learned because he reads Huff Post and worships Bill Maher’s little jew penis. He doesn’t get that he’s been lied to and it was for those same liberal’s profits.

    The democratic party in the states plays up to stupid people’s need to rebel against anything. It’s mean. Outlandicksuck and the other sheep are too weak to get past the propaganda.


    He was raised by his wealthy grandparents after he was abandoned by both parents. Apparently, they saw no reason to support Obama either.


    His mother didn’t abandon him, she died of Ovarian cancer. Look it up


    What a great guy!!!

    Obama Sr. married Dunham in Wailuku on the Hawaiian island of Maui on 2 February 1961.[30][31] He eventually told Dunham about his previous marriage in Kenya, but said he was divorced—which she found out years later was a lie. He also killed a man while driving drunk.


    Who are you voting for Obama Jr. or Obama Sr.?

    Hint – Senior’s dead.


    When has ANY politician, let alone the President, been among the 99%?


    “When has ANY politician, let alone the President, been among the 99%?”
    Abraham Lincoln was born in a one room cabin and worked in Illinois as a “boatman, store clerk, surveyor, militia soldier, and ultimately a lawyer”(wikipedia).

    Your 1984-esque revisionist history of how politics was always this corrupt and elitist is both disturbing and frightening.


    Yes, but history will not be repeated.
    The wealthy control who gets in no matter what.


    That’s right! The rich and powerful decide who gets rich and powerful, and that’s why we’ll never have a black Presiden- oh, wait…


    The question was: “When has ANY politician, let alone the President, been among the 99%?”

    The question was NOT: “When has anyone who would later in life become a politician, let alone the President, been among the 99%?”

    Or is it now OK to be a one-percenter if you have ever, at any point in your life, not been a one-percenter? It’s so hard to keep track of who I’m supposed to hate.


    You can hate anyone you like, I prefer to look at someone’s whole background to determine what kind of person they are. But I would prefer to vote for someone who has a clear understanding of the challenges that I and my employees face.


    So I guess that Mitt then????


    The 1% are not the problem. The 1% is mostly people that make around $100K a year and work for somebody else.

    This guy is the 0.1%. Big difference.


    So is Obama. No difference.


    President Obama
    Wages: $394,821
    Other income: $449,764
    Adjusted gross income (AGI): $789,674 (Obama’s adjusted gross income was reduced $54,911 by adjustments that partially offset wages and other income)
    Minus exemptions, deductions: $293,298
    taxable income: $496,376

    Mitt Romney
    Wages: 0
    Business income: $110,500
    Other income : $9,274,725
    Capital gains, dividends: $11,515,850
    Adjusted gross income (AGI): $20,901,075
    Minus exemptions, deductions: $5,695,579
    Taxable income: $15,205,496

    That is the difference between the 1% and the .1%

    Source –


    So Romney is 100 times as successful as Obama at getting wealthy.


    And you really want a guy who’d good at making HIMSELF wealthy, in the hopes that a few bucks might filter down to you?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    So DON’T vote for a guy who is good with money.

    Vote for the token hire who has had every helping hand based on half his race and hope that this time he figures things out.

    Or vote for the old money who knows how to handle large sums of money and would be able to navigate around congress because it’s in his blood.



    “in his blood”? Now you’re saying there is a gene for dealing with Congress? Magnus, you get funnier every day!

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to go with someone who has actual EXPERIENCE with government at the national level? Someone who was say, a United States Senator, maybe from from Illinois?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You don’t even know what the expression in his blood means.


    No matter how stupid I think you are you continue to show me you’re even worse.

    btw: token Senator and now token president are not a good response to someone who has run businesses successfully and the former has run everything he’s touched like a rusty old jalopy.

    Put it this way: Vote Romney and America gets better under President Romney. Vote Obama and get 4 more years of failures and apologies and maybe 5 trillion more in debt and another 30 million unemployed.

    Those are your actual choices. And you want to vote for the ape. Golf clap.


    Yes, I know what “in his blood” means – I also know it’s BS – Just because your dad was a great opera singer doesn’t mean you can sing a note. And growing up in a house where they sing opera doesn’t help, either.

    Of course, the only political things George Romney did was be Governor and lose a presidential election, so you may have something there, after all.

    And you might note that running a country isn’t like running a corporation, you can just shut Alabama down if the costs outrun the revenue.

    And no, those aren’t actual choices. The economy is likely to recover no matter who is in the whitehouse as consumers pay down the debt they accumulated during the Bush administration. That is unless outside forces like Europe or Iran intervene. And with no real foreign policy experience and a new gaffe every week, I’m quite sure Romney isn’t up to it.


    *Can’t just


    It’s not Obama’s fault that he has no real foreign policy experience and a new gaff every week.


    And whats Obama’s Foreign Policy? Sorry we are American!


    He was a Senator for about 5 minutes before he started campaigning. He even broke his vow not to run for President because he didn’t have enough experience. Has he ever stuck by anything he has said?



    The guy was there for 2 years. What world “EXPERIENCE” did he get in 2 yrs in the US Senete????


    Two years more than the guy with NO years experience in the Senate –


    It’s not the money issues that bother me. It’s everything else.
    Romney’s a bigot. No other word for it. And if my boyfriend and I can’t get married if he takes office, then I will never vote for him.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Let’s be clear: every smear against this guy is rooted in a heavily conditioned weak mind that goes on the offence on instinct every time they see a successful white man.

    Paint Mitt black and nobody would be attacking him.

    Sick. You people are fucking sick in your heads.


    Sure, that’s why so many people voted for Herman Cain – they only care if the guy is black. Nobody would dare criticize a black man.

    A successful black multimillionaire can’t possibly lose, can he? Well, maybe…..

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya ll it took was what….6 mistresses before he had to call it off.

    Vs. a white guy who had one and ran Republican and got taken to court for it.

    You fucking idiot.


    Yeah, right – never been a politician that fooled around before.

    Yeah because Edwards and Clinton got away with it when they fooled around. Press NEVER mentioned it. It NEVER affected their careers.


    I love it: “the face of greed” because he has more than I do and I want some of it. And definition of that would be…?

    scott doe

    stupid people deserve obama but we’ll all be stuck with him–at least Mitt’s honest
    and when did being sucessful in business become a bad thing? isn’t that what every true american strives for? just cuz you’re a failure doesn’t mean everyone else has to be


    liberalism is a fucking disease.. kill yourselves

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