fat x-ray

fat x-ray

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    yup, fat, not big boned


    I wonder what’s wrong with both of these people that they needed x-rays?

    The left one I see what looks to be something horribly wrong with the bowels, abdominal distension and what looks to be some sort of swelling or impaction. maybe a medical device implanted by the (anatomical) right clavicle. The fat person maybe has lung problems? the bowels are funky too, but I can’t pinpoint what’s going on.

    reading x-rays is freaking hard.


    left is most likely a hernia, right likely has pneumonia or cysts


    The one on the left has a bright ring near the left collarbone. Looks to me like a central line, often implanted in cancer patients.

    Also, and please don’t quote me on this, but I think that, if any of those were suspected to have a hernia, they were more likely to get a CAT scan. I know I had one when I had my hernia, but no x-rays, except for the compulsory pre-surgery chest x-ray.


    CAT scans can be viewed as plain-film x-rays – the software actually has a function to display the data as a plain-film. Left image has a Q-port under the left clavicle, some potential abdominal distention, potential colon distention, everything else otherwise anatomically normal. The one on the right has some calcified lung nodules – potential lung cancer.


    Close your eyes and imagine the smell comming off from the one on the right.

    You’re welcome.


    Well,that puts to rest what my Mom used to say.”But she1s bucketful on the inside!”