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or you know, at the end of the credits. Saw this in theaters.


You’d be amazed the number of theaters (specially outside the US) that never show the full credits of any movie. And regarding that scene. It’s just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen, unlike the rest of the movie, which was quite clever. Never mind the Nolan-esque level of misunderstanding of psychology that has a race of “warriors” plan the stupidest military attack in history, get beaten by 6 people (while everyone else was cowering in terror) and conclude that “they cannot be ruled” and “to challenge them is to court death”. The dumbest part was the stupid grin on… Read more »


Or to not be embarrassing, even that would be a challenge.


Ooh ooh…I know I know..Big Wheel, Razorback, The Spot, Mindworm, White Dragon, Shriek..all clearly superior to Bwaahahaa! Sorry..I can’t do it..


You do get the Thanos is in love with death, and has actually attempted to court (meaning date) the avatar of death on several occasions? How do you know this attack was stupid? The only way to Earth was through the cube portal. A full scale invasion (meaning thousands of Space Ships) probably would have resulted in several other galactic forces getting involved. Don’t forget, this is the full Marvel U. The Kree, the Skrull, the Badoon, all lay some claim to earth. The Shiar and Asgardians have helped Earth in the past. What about the characters we haven’t seen… Read more »


I agree to this statement.


I can’t take any villain seriously who wears a helmet, leotard, and/or codpiece. They look like the Canadian synchro swim team on steroids.


Avengers II: may 2015.


i’d love to see a movie version of The Infinity Gauntlet


Well, considering Fox has some of the key players tied up, it probably won’t happen soon. I’m just hoping they do something awesome with Thanos.

Tiggle Bitties

You’ve seen it already… it’s in Odin’s vault, in the movie featuring Thor.