missile in the spot light

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    missle? ha! that’s a Saturn V from the Apollo moon program…




    Pure faggotry.Nothing clever to be seen here.


    In the broadest definition it IS a missile, an object hurled at a target, in this case the moon

    Yer Maw

    Oh my god people.
    A missile is what you throw at windows.
    A rocket is what you put in your friends arse, light and then video the result releasing it on youtube.
    This is quite clearly a huge fucking bomb which some crazy brave bastards lay on top of an then strapped themselves onto.


    … all figured out and successfully accomplished by using nothing more than a slide-rule.

    You’ve got this computer – perhaps 100 times more powerful than anything these nerds had at the time and the most difficult accomplishment you will make use of it today is coming up with a few witty sentences and spell-check.


    I don’t know about you, but I’m designing a marine oil spill recovery facility for New York harbor and surrounding maritime facilities. Not exactly a spacecraft, but a lot more than a “few witty sentences”

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