8 Track

8-track.jpg (22 KB)

Anyone else remember these? Used to play with my Dad’s all the time.

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    Screw you and your dad. I used to play 8 tracks I wore out Peter Frampton when I was i high school.


    Still have one, haven’t used it in a while. 🙂


    of the cars that I’ve owned, one of my favorites was a ’79 Chrysler Cordoba, with rich Corinthian Leather seats and stock 8-track player…also included were 4 Neal Diamond 8-track cassettes…damn I miss that car


    i had a portable one. used to listen to floyd and shit on it all the time. was awesome


    I’m ridiculously nostalgic for these things, but nothing compared to my old cinema-projectionist colleague, who used to make his own custom mixes with an old reel-to-reel 1/4″ tape recorder. Used it for theater walk-in music (one great thing about 8-tracks is that the endless-loop design makes them the original “repeat all” button; will play all day long as long as you don’t mind the “kerchunk” between programs.)


    Still have a couple, including an 8-track recorder. Biggest problem is the rubber rollers in the cartridges are starting to disintegrate, often making a goopy mess, or particulate debris.


    Had one in my ’57 Thunderbird, but it was too much of a pain to keep running so I replaced it with an MP3 player that looks like a factory radio.

    You can still buy them at car shows, some guys make a business out of rebuilding them.