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    Screaming Fits by Ronulans in 5, 4, 3…


    Ron Paul is cooler than anyone on this site will ever be

    history will remember him.


    For what?


    Gubmint = Tyranny

    Unregulated Corporations = Liberty

    There is no in between.


    I bet one downvote thought I was serious, and one was mad because I was joking about RP.


    History will remember Ron Paul not unlike it remembers the John Birch Society. An Organization which has many points of agreement with Representative Paul.


    I don’t think Ron Paul’s intent was ever to win the election but to get exposure for his libertarian viewpoint. I believe he had hoped that as the only remaining candidate other than Romney that he would be assured time to speak at the RNC, but it didn’t work out that way.


    Amazing how much enthusiasm this bland, intelligent idiot gets. Did surprise me he was a closet racist, though.


    Compared to the other Republican nominees? They’re all bland, he doesn’t strike me as any more racist than the others, and I’d place him as clearly less idiotic than the rest. Give me him over Romney any day.

    Anyone who hates Ron Paul is the exact kind of mindless sheep they accuse his devoted fans of being.


    What is a Ron Paul?


    Ron Paul is a republican flavor of a libertarian, meaning he believes states should should have the power to oppress people instead of the federal government.

    Republican wheel him out when they aren’t in power so they can pretend to be the party of small government.

    When they get back in power they stay true to his small government ideals. For real. No sarcasm there.