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    Yeah, but god especially blesses USA, right? All the songs say so!

    If USA wasn’t Yahweh’s chosen country, why did he send all the republicans there?


    The Puritans came to the US because they were thrown out of England and the Netherlands for being single-minded assholes. Of course, it could have been God, too –


    HEY! we are not single minded.


    I get that people find religion to be abhorrent. And truly Dogma is.
    However, spirituality unfettered by Dogma is sublime. While posts like these are supposed to be witty, and somehow insightful into something, the crass and tasteless tone makes it a tribute to arrogance and hatred, as much as any that can be ascribed to Dogma.


    Religion without dogma is not going to happen. Ever. Watch Life of Brian to see why.


    Spirituality unfettered by dogma is sublime?

    That’s just empty words that don’t actually mean anything. But please, feel free to explain how you’ve managed to put yourself above both the religious and the a-religious.


    This particular post doesn’t say anything is abhorrent about religion. Just that the teachings are regional rather than universal. And there’s no crass tone unless you read into it that way. Which is fairly thematic, I think.


    “Spirituality unfettered by dogma” means “I make shit up as I go.”


    “Spirituality unfettered by dogma” means “I get stoned and stare at the stars a lot”


    ROAR!!! Mongo smash organized religion!!!


    OK, now explain how the post smashes organized religion in 50 words or less –


    The only thing I care about in this post is that the moon is about half the size it should be, and the placement makes it look like Earth’s nipple.


    it’s to evoke Mother Gaia dude…pass the cheetos.


    Faith is simply Geography? Because you can’t be a different religion than your neighbors? You can’t be born in a family that practices something that’s not the land’s predominant religion? What land generates the Atheist and the Agnostic?

    Notice how each sentence says “probably”? That’s a damn huge chance in the US alone. Enough of a chance to invalidate such a childish assertion.

    Hooooooo. Shit. Aren’t you guys supposed to be the defenders of logic and reason? Why the hell are you wanking to such stupid pictures with such porous arguments? Because it’s pretty?


    Perhaps someone should explain probability to you.

    Another post going over your indoctrinated little head.


    Speaking of “going over heads” every. single. post. you’ve made on religion shows you’re really loud about not knowing a single thing on your topic. 2 Christians can bone until Kingdom Come, and they can’t make a “Christian” baby. They may raise it on Christian Values, they may take it to church, they can shove it into Catholic School, nothing external gives that child “faith”. THAT INCLUDES WHERE HE LIVES. That child is free to grow up and embrace his parent’s religion, reject them all, or become a Buddhist to impress some chick in one of his Liberal Arts classes.… Read more »


    Sure, let’s program the child with dogma and *then* let it choose whatever it wants. How fair. If you guys weren’t so incredible unsure that your religion is true, then you’d totally go about life in a different way where guilt, shunning and reliance on ignorance weren’t all part of the Christian package. The picture got it right: if you were born in a country with a Christian majority, you will most likely come to be a Christian. This is exactly what you’d expect if no god existed. In fact, pretty much everything behaves as if that were the case.… Read more »


    Your “angry-atheist” act is still so not tiresome. Thanks for ignoring the clear points I made just so you can show us that chip on your shoulder. We love seeing it so often.

    BTW, please tell me how “guilt, shunning, and ignorance” doesn’t personify EVERYTHING you post when “religion” is even hinted at.


    What were your clear points? Please clarify and I will meet them all in a more precise manner.

    I think it would be better if you point out how those three aspects of religion apply to what I write, since you are the one seeing the connection.


    Would you prefer it be worded “The primary theological set of teachings that would most likely be taught to you as a child before reaching the age of reason by adults seeking to indoctrinate you into their way of life would be, in a statistically relevant amount of cases, Judaism, if you were born in Isreal. … Etc.”?

    Because that would eat up a lot of room.


    Or y’know…maybe those who believe and disbelieve leave their respective systems of thought and come to conclusions on their own while rejecting the influence of others. Some people honestly believe that it is impossible for a god to exist and others have become believers through personal experience knowing full well that it could be chalked up to “natural explanations” Who is any of us to accuse another persons belief or disbelief as being in-valid when we have not set foot in their shoes. I can dress up and memorize all of heath ledgers lines from every movie and interview that… Read more »


    The only people that has something to gain by doing that are the ones with fantastical beliefs.

    Which category do you fall into, by the way?