water slide accident

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    tiki god

    I’ve had recurring nightmares about this situation.


    Tiki have you been to Shipwreck in on PC Beach?


    Coming out of one of those type slides in that manner is fairly common. There is a water park in Panama City Beach, Fl called “Shipwreck Island” that I have visited and they have a similar looking slide called the “Treetop Drop”, and I damn near did the same thing as that guy when I came out of the tube. Bad thing is, you can’t see where you’re going or what’s happening as water is literally splashing in your face, making it impossible to see, and barely able to breathe. I didn’t know I had gotten airborne until I felt… Read more »


    Quit whining ya pussy.


    Well at least we know who peed on the pool, lmao.