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    this is a message I can get behind, of you know what I mean


    It could be worse, it could be: “Rappers for…”

    Better than raping a country


    Nice dig on Bush and Cheney, Mags!

    Iraq certainly was a waste of money and lives, that’s for sure. I like the way Obama handled Libya – way cheaper and got the job done!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya Obama did a great job of helping loot the only stable African country aside from South Africa and turning it into another 3rd world hole. Where’s all those hundreds of billions in gold Libya had in reserves go? Obama raped Libya and the American people saw none of the profits. Though Italy suddenly jumped from the PIGS acronym and was replaced with Ireland. After keeping a few billion in Libyan gold. A country that before Gaddafi had a 4% literacy rate and huge debt and after had over 90% literacy, zero debt, and every single person had a home.… Read more »


    You should work for the RNC, you seem to be an expert in revisionist history. If Libya was so stable, everyone was so happy, why did their people revolt in February 2011? You have to be pretty pissed to go up against tanks and jets with just a bunch of pickup trucks with anti-aircraft guns mounted in the back.Remember the pics of the guy with a helmet made of bread? That was not a happy guy. How did “obama rape Libya” when the US had no troops on the ground? The UN (18 countries, including the US) set up a… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    politifact is a left wing website

    It IS media bullshit.


    You can’t see the forest from the trees.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Oh and maybe do a little research on said “tyrant”. The US had a HUGE presence in Libya. There are pictures you tard. Look at what Libya was…before Gadaffi…when it was being attacked constantly by Italy. Then WWII then Momar and solidarity and peace. HE liberated Libya in the first place. Now Italy finally got it’s way thanks to Obama. He could have opposed it but instead sanctioned the looting and robbery of an entire country. It’s been given back to the people? The Russia helped a Michigan militia overthrow the White House and killed Obama via knife to the… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The = If.


    WOW, so cleaver. Shows the level of Obama Suppoters.


    Wow, and such good spelling – shows the literacy level of Romney supporters


    Oh I added an “A” oh no!!! You gonna rape me now? You people on the left and so awesome. Tell me do you hate religion? Just a question? Hope I spelled everything right for you!

    Luke Magnifico

    You also missed an R and put in an unwarranted capital.

    And I think you meant “are” instead of “and” in this post.



    No, liberals don’t hate religion. Most Liberals attend church regularly. I’m a Quaker, myself. We have meetings. But Liberals do hate religious tyranny, when people try to force their beliefs on other people. Religious freedom is not freedom to be an evangelical Christian, it’s freedom to be whatever you want – Christian, Jew, Sikh or Atheist. That’s what the founding fathers put in the Constitution and it’s what I support. And if by “rape” you mean increase your wealth by 60% as proposed above, then no. BTW – Lukev1-5 is right, you said “and” when I think you meant “are”… Read more »


    Remember guys, it’s not rape if she gets pregnant! So dont wear a condom! If she’s forced to have the kid, you get parental rights! Then you get to see her more often, it’ll be like practically dating!

    fracked again

    By biblical law, she has to marry you, too. All you have to do is reimburse the father for damaging his property.

    That’s Islamic law actually. Jews too.

    You hate jew and muslims.

    Yes… Old Testament biblical law, some of which was adopted by Islam. Good going, Mags. You got that part right.

    I don’t hate Jews or Muslims. I hate fundamentalism. I don’t even hate you. I do wish you would get yourself committed to a psych ward, though.

    Because I disagree with you?

    Didn’t the feds just grab some marine and do just that for questioning the divinity of president nigger?

    Now that you’ve had to concede that I’m right. Which on this site is all the fucking time thanks to the other side of the coin featuring a picture of Chris Burke…can you start posting pictures attacking ‘fundamentalist’ muslims and jews? I mean fundamentalist to the point that Romney and Ryan and fundamentalist Christian/Morons.
    I’d love to see that lol
    and then it never happened because you’re all full of shit

    Best typo ever. Moron:Mormon

    I don’t know much about Mormonism but based on what I do know even if I could edit that I wouldn’t.

    Christian morality I can get behind. It’s the only thing that got human beings through the dark ages.

    Mormonism is too much like Piers Anthony novel. Setting that aside I don’t restrict people based on their religion. I just make fun of them for it. Like a mud slime or a thieving jew or whatever chinese people have turned buddhism into now.


    hmmmm never heard that on before!!!


    Why are you nailing Romney and Ryan with
    this bullshit, they both condemned this
    jerks statement. You Obama leftist are
    grabbing at straws.


    Where is your Pez Now, Out campaigning while the people of the south are in trouble again. He hasn’t said one fucking word about those poor people. Romney showed up in the south!

    Luke Magnifico

    What did he do there? Did he spend a few hours shoveling through debris or did he turn up, clutter the place up with his convoy and proudly announce that “people down here need help”.

    Obama can’t drop everything and go to some storm-damaged suburbs because he’s the president of the United States and he has a country to run, he can’t dedicate his time to sauntering about the country stating the obvious and wasting everyone’s time.


    Bet you were the same person who was talking shit when Bush only did a fly over NOLA, but now that your almighty is in power its ok! Hmmmmm

    Has Obama said anything about it????

    Luke Magnifico

    Yes, Obama’s planning to visit on Monday.

    I don’t give a shit about what Bush did. I’m not American. But politicians are politicians, and when you praise a guy for not actually contributing anything worthwhile then here is some knowledge: you are wrong.

    I’m in favour of Obama because it was nice for once to look over at you guys and think “Hey, good for them, they voted for someone that doesn’t make them look like a nation of circus clowns”. Clinton had some good ideas but you guys threw him out for enjoying blowjobs. Sad face.

    Luke Magnifico

    Tried to throw him out, rather.


    Katrina took out the heart of a major city and left 300,000 homeless, Issac caused flood damage in a fishing village that floods regularly and while there is damage, only incidental homelessness.

    Apples and oranges.

    fracked again

    My pez is in my pez dispenser.


    yeah…we’re still hearing about Katrina. Leave it to Democrats to build a city below sea level, surround it by government approved levees and fill it with people who can’t swim…

    Luke Magnifico

    Katrina killed two thirds as many people as 9/11 and you never shut the hell up about that.

    fracked again

    NOLA was not built below sea level. Due to weight of buildings, pumping of groundwater, draining swamps, drilling for oil and gas, etc., parts of the city have sunk to a point where they are below sea level.

    and then looting

    Nothing wrong with a bit of looting.

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