sound intensity of a wind turbine

larg-wind-turbine.jpg (321 KB)

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    I’m all for alternative energy, but I dunno…40 decibels seems reasonable (go look up some other comparisons,) but it’d be 40 decibels of neverending “thrum thrum thrum thrum thrum thrum thrum thrum…”

    Luke Magnifico

    I believe they call that “dubstep”.


    This whole image has many variables that are missing. Such as:

    -How big is the turbine? Would residential turbines be similar in size?
    -At what wind speed is this volume detected? (Huge factor)
    -Does the height of the turbine affect the dB/m?
    -To what degree does wind direction affect volume in that direction? (We know it does, just how much)

    And many others.
    Also, as a study submitted by General Electric (who would naturally want to keep electricity prices high), I would look at this critically and with skepticism.


    Does General Electric even supply electricity? They supply the turbines for the wind power. They also supply lots of other products that run on electric. As long as they don’t actually supply electricity, they have no reason to keep prices high, and every reason to see them lowered.


    I don’t know of many wind turbines as close as 300 meters to houses. Also, moderns ones are switching to newer designs and configurations.


    I thought everybody knew that the power source of the future is radioactive wind turbines.


    There’s one of these on campus at my college and it powers the whole campus. Also, you pretty much have to be under the thing to hear the wind at all. I’ve heard more wind noise coming around the campus buildings.


    I think ocean breeze and the wind sweeping through the trees during the rain is worse than this.

    Personally I sleep fine through two full sized fans. Both run 24/7 with the one pushing air into my PC and the other into the room. That not counting the 3/4 little fans in the pc case…


    Most people think that a 19dB CPU fan is too loud.


    According to this chart, at 300m it’s just barely louder than a refrigerator. You can’t hear a running refrigerator through a wall, it’s sod all noise.


    people see things like “louder then a fridge” and freak the fuck out not understanding the amount of sound they drown out, weather in urban or rural areas. insects will easily get louder then that on their own.

    I’d like to see the effect of the noise on the wildlife population actually.

    dumb alec

    id like to see the effect of the blades


    It’s not just the noise; it’s the CONSTANT noise. A refrigerator or air conditioner cycles on and off and doesn’t keep going on all day and night. Humans tune into constant cycling repeating noises.


    I’ve seen them on fire. That looks like fun. (new chart req for downwind effect) They have also thrown their blades. (new chart required for possible toss range)Ground littered with dead bats and birds? Because we love the shit out of nature! Not necessarily against the concept. But I am against the ‘shove it down their throats’, there is only one side – my side!, suppress contrary information process.