australian transportation system

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    Hope that’s not a laptop bag, otherwise one good fall off that bike and someone’s buying a new one. I hope even more that its not a man-purse.


    I find the Mindset that would make the Assumption that somebody would “think” that a Person of Color (this being a Queensland Rail Ad, the person being depicted is far more likely to be of Aboriginal Descent than of African) would be in possession of a Stolen Bicycle as a matter of course quite offensive. Far more offensive than being called a “Racist” which is what I’m usually called when I’m winning an argument with a person to the Left of the Political Spectrum.


    I can only assume who wrote this was a liberal. Which makes THEM a STAUNCH racist. Moral High ground comfortably lost.


    Actually here in Australia the party referred to as “liberals” are closer to American conservatives, the party that is closer to the Democrats is the ‘Labor’ party


    Liberals are staunch racists? Gotcha.


    Seeing as how the Party supporting the Liberal Cause had as one of it’s main Leaders an unapologetic high ranking member of one of (in not THE) most openly Racist Organizations around. Seeing as how that SAME Party fought the Civil Rights Legislation during the 1950’s and 1960’s. That the same Party was responsible for what is now referred to as the Jim Crow Laws. Seeing as how that Group constantly requires you to state your “Race” in innumerable Forms so that they “can help the oppressed” basically saying that you must be dependent on them because without them, because… Read more »


    That “same party” was called the democratic party, not the liberal party. People seem to forget that almost all of the dixicrats moved over to the republican party once civil rights became a democratic rallying point. Sorry captain simplistic, but historical points from 50 years ago, which conveniently forget the difference between liberalism and the democratic party do not a coherent argument make.


    People are still talking in terms best left in the Nixon Era…But most offensive to me is that they haven’t grasp the affirmation of affiliation with either “side” is a chain on around their necks…

    Noemi Rhoda

    This is one of Queensland Rail’s Etiquette posters. A campaign they have launched to encourage people to behave on trains. It would make each passenger’s transportation commute much easier if all people inside the train act appropriately.


    A worthy goal, but it does rub me the wrong way that the poster “bets” the random reader assumes that ‘Doug’ stole that bike.


    Maybe Doug didn’t steal it, but what’s Jamal doing with it?


    ALL Australians are criminals. Well, they used to be… so he might have stolen that bike.

    He didn’t steal it. He repatriated it after the white man stole his land hundreds of years ago. If you arrest him you are a racist.


    Dying Liberal Stupidity that Falls on Deaf Ears

    Also lol at black guy taking a bike on a train.

    I’ll wave to your two forms of transport from my car, genius.


    Really guys?

    This is a shop / twist on the actual scheme, there’s loads around


    is he black? if so, then definitely stole that shit.. niggaz don’t pay fo’ bikes, nigga! y’all know!